Poetry With Summer Purpled Awe – Robert Okaji



No one wants to be forgotten
or remembered for the wrong reasons,
but how do we attain that sweet spot
between regrettable and a barred
door clanking shut? I was born in
Louisiana. What happened next
is that song living at the edge of
memory, just beyond grasp, its
lyrics gnarled and tangled in the
roots of an old cypress along a
muddy creek. Yeah, that one. I
won’t sing it in this lifetime.
That tune’s never coming back.


You stretch out your hands
and a reflection cuts you in half.


I should have grabbed you and the dog,
and headed to Texas. They’ve got hills
there that the tide won’t reach, and
trees that won’t die from salt
poisoning, whose branches
won’t be festooned with children’s
clothing and bits of people’s torn
lives, and the stench won’t linger
longer than regret and the effect
of poor choice and dumb luck.


There, then gone. I scream
until my voice rasps away
but you are still out there,
still floating, still afraid
and angry and beautiful, hair
forming a halo around your
face, no tears, no sound
but water lapping, and
the flies zeroing in.


Next time there will be no party.
I’ll wait alone to greet the rain.
The wind will scour me
as I embrace what comes.


Poetry – Bad Weather Will Pass – Ricardo Sexton

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Poetry – You Are My Ocean — JohnCoyote

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3 Poems Up at MockingHeart Review

I have the honor of being the featured poet in Volume 3, Issue 2 of MockingHeart Review. I am grateful to editor Clare Martin and her tireless dedication. She is a blessing!

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Poetry – Bottom Falling

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Poetry – In The Rain

It washes away the impurities Promotes growth for better days It brings forth the cosy feelings Heat the tea, get a book and laze It nourishes precious flowers Rehydrates and stresses the pain It pouring on the darkest hours Flooding its suffer & feels its strain It drops symbols of purification And touches to the […]

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Literature – Robert Frost: “Out, Out – ” — word and silence

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Poetry-A Fearless Guess. — Ricardo Sexton

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Poetry – Father’s Day, 4: Thorns At Final

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