Poetry – Bottom Falling

Bottom, Falling Through that window you see another bird rising, unlabeled, unwanted, yet noticed. A limb’s last leaf. The boy’s breath. Like the morning after your father died, when temperature didn’t register and heat shallowed through the morning’s end. Still you shivered. Glass. Wind. Night’s body. How to calibrate nothing’s grace? Take notes. Trace […] via […]

Poetry – In The Rain

It washes away the impurities Promotes growth for better days It brings forth the cosy feelings Heat the tea, get a book and laze It nourishes precious flowers Rehydrates and stresses the pain It pouring on the darkest hours Flooding its suffer & feels its strain It drops symbols of purification And touches to the […] […]

Poetry – It’s hard, It’s difficult: that’s life! So Why should you be happy about it?

You know, life is hard Yes it’s hard It’s difficult You’re right And it’s worth it!! The Exam model Assume you were in an examination room at college. The lecturer hands you the questions booklet. Opening it you find 50(fifty) addition and substraction questions… What would your reaction be? How would it affect your perspective […] […]

Literature – Robert Frost: “Out, Out – ” — word and silence

“Out, Out – ” The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard And made dust and dropped stove-length sticks of wood, Sweet-scented stuff when the breeze drew across it. And from there those that lifted eyes could count Five mountain ranges one behind the other Under the sunset far into Vermont. And the saw […] […]

Poetry-A Fearless Guess. — Ricardo Sexton

My life was combined And abandoned in a safe Later those combiners died Taking the only key to the safe Then doubt tried to out it I listened, hearing about it I am stronger to stop its roll And to no longer adopt its toll It slowed in ‘meaner lows’ And so it flew in […] […]

Poetry – Father’s Day, 4: Thorns At Final

This morning I saw your picture in the fireplace Alive; playing with us, our favourite game, chase! A photo, a blast of smile with a ‘love’ splash But, it faded faster than that camera’s flash Your illusion, played the crime lotto so often In the end, you won: the coffin and cotton I’ve got you […] […]

Poetry – An Empty Canvas

He drew her His perfect imagination A beautiful Art A timeless creation Concocted her soft lips Designing a curve on them Her enchanting eyes Breaking loose mayhem With passion He outline her Every part so intricately Glistening white skin He fabricated her, so lusciously. Then all hell break loose A tumult Break down He lost […] […]

Poetry – The Community

It is eternity That binds a community Not just you and I That grace its sands But the love we drop as dust. Love is full not void I call emptiness A large hollow pride Lets swallow it And then hold hands. Sheild your swords Disengage your bombs Life is our common fight We will […] […]

Poetry – Keep It

A lament to agree. Shallow it you minion, Follow useful learning. A compliment is free. As for your opinion, It’s just you yawning. “If you’ve nothing nice to say, then… don’t you say nothing.” Mothers, teachers. Fathers, preachers. Paint the pictures. Print the speeches. Off the switches. Of jealous leeches. © Ricardo Sexton via Keep It. […]

Buts, No Ifs

I believe the oath broke on my side I woke up. I did not live up to mine I hopped, I walked to the infinite hide But without the talk I’ve fallen aside I made the mistake I must confess I wanted more to balance the less I gave in. I waved in hope of […] […]

poetry – Agave

Agave It might deceive. Or like a cruel window, live its life unopened, offering a view yet reserving the taste for another’s tongue, ignoring even the wind. The roots, as always, look down. * * * This first appeared in Ijagun Poetry Journal in December 2013, was featured in poems2go in April 2016, and is […]

Poetry – Dichotomous

two identical thoughts developed in isolation on two different hemispheres identical in structure yet paradoxical in course two identical thoughts fueled by very different greeds and executed, one with zealousy and one with jealousy, continuing to either sculpt or destruct self-conjured concepts two identical thoughts discriminated by different hates create a revolution and cast an […] […]

Poetry – Mapped Route

Life has taught me to be strong for the times I have to be more To defeat mountains & lightning no acceptance from an undone Later on I learned to be fearless living beyond what I fought to be Always resisting these wild seas all for a cause: “the thirst to live” So I go […] […]

Poetry – Scarecrow Dreams

Scarecrow Dreams If by night I move without aid, what then? Precious flesh, precious bone, never mine to lose – the difference between nothingness and no thing. A pity that my friends fly at the merest movement, but when the air’s breath stills, they sing and rattle among the grain, scribing their days in song […] […]

Poetry – Hiatus

Carved in stone, the language shrieked Infinite depths, reflections of the trees Genius, kindness, the granite carefully spoke Ominous, hiatus, the black stone coped Illusion of nature, the cars drive by Kids full of laughter, in adolescence we hide Leaves of brown and trees of green A fence stands bold, loudly in between Photographer: Roman/Dani […] […]

Poetry – A Hot, Cotton Sun

Ever there, In the low hum of the walls of my soul Like a Negro spiritual Squinting under the heat of a hot-cotton Sun My hope and exhaustion Carried along in the same message. So tired Just so tired Jus’ wanna lay down …lay down But now is not the time The ancestor spoke with […] […]

Poetry-The Seduction

Tasting it on the air. Smelling it on the wind. I see it in her eyes. Escaping from her skin. Filling me up. Red rising level. Her neckline flush. Her hair disheveled. Her hand glides. The bloodlust overtaking me. I close my eyes. The scent saturating the olfactory. Holding me in position. I hear the […] […]

Poetry – Cantilever

Cantilever 1 Night skitters over the mounds, avoiding the blue flowers She bears the horizon’s gold. 2 No one stands alone. Our sky is of earth, dark soil packed with the living. 3 I do not seek mercy. The cliff frog chirps its song and the fog closes in. 4 Suspended, hope wraps around her, […] […]