Poetry-A Fearless Guess. — Ricardo Sexton

My life was combined And abandoned in a safe Later those combiners died Taking the only key to the safe Then doubt tried to out it I listened, hearing about it I am stronger to stop its roll And to no longer adopt its toll It slowed in ‘meaner lows’ And so it flew in […] […]

Poetry – Father’s Day, 4: Thorns At Final

This morning I saw your picture in the fireplace Alive; playing with us, our favourite game, chase! A photo, a blast of smile with a ‘love’ splash But, it faded faster than that camera’s flash Your illusion, played the crime lotto so often In the end, you won: the coffin and cotton I’ve got you […] […]

Poetry – An Empty Canvas

He drew her His perfect imagination A beautiful Art A timeless creation Concocted her soft lips Designing a curve on them Her enchanting eyes Breaking loose mayhem With passion He outline her Every part so intricately Glistening white skin He fabricated her, so lusciously. Then all hell break loose A tumult Break down He lost […] […]

Poetry – The Community

It is eternity That binds a community Not just you and I That grace its sands But the love we drop as dust. Love is full not void I call emptiness A large hollow pride Lets swallow it And then hold hands. Sheild your swords Disengage your bombs Life is our common fight We will […] […]

Poetry – Keep It

A lament to agree. Shallow it you minion, Follow useful learning. A compliment is free. As for your opinion, It’s just you yawning. “If you’ve nothing nice to say, then… don’t you say nothing.” Mothers, teachers. Fathers, preachers. Paint the pictures. Print the speeches. Off the switches. Of jealous leeches. © Ricardo Sexton via Keep It. […]