Turbo HTML Brander


By the time you use Turbo HTML Brander, you’ll know exactly how to crank out websites your affiliates can brand by just filling in a simple form.PLUS, you can use Turbo HTML Brander to create customized websites and sell them to customers, who can “brand them” with their information.

But don’t take my word for it.Once you do, you’ll gain instant access to Turbo HTML Brander along with the Step by Step PDF Manual and the Video Tutorial on how to install and use the software. And since it’s software installed on your hosting account, you can surely use it no matter if you’re a Windows, Mac or Linux user.

This is the quickest, easiest and smartest way to make the best use of the PLR products sitting idle on your computer, and also create your own affiliate army, thus leveraging efforts both on selling more products by yourself and also by the support coming from your affiliates. So don’t waste another moment trying to figure out how pros generate fortunes today – it’s time to get results on your own and stop trying faulty methods.


Using Turbo HTML Brander brings only benefits to you:

  • A quick and easy way to get affiliates promoting your products.

  • You’ll be able to offer your affiliates ready to use bonus pages, meaning they can promote your products easily, even if your affiliates or you don’t have ANY HTML skill, experience, marketing background, etc.
  • You’ll get a simple, few steps process for delivering websites your affiliates can use – alluring them to promote your offer has never been so easy
  • You’ll realize how the pros get the most results by their efforts – even if they work far less than you on a weekly basis.



Launch Jacking 101


Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch to earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one you wish to promote.

For example, if someone was going to release a product called Make Money 2000, you might buy the domain makemoney2000review.com and build out a website with your affiliate links.

Then anyone searching for a review of the latest cool product Make Money 2000 will find your site, read your review, and then purchase through your links.

If you are not too familiar with the product, or find out it is crap, you can choose to substitute a product you stand behind to promote instead. In the example above, you would write an honest review of Make Money 2000 indicating you wouldn’t recommend it but instead recommend your product as an alternative.

But here’s why launch jacking works so well. When a new product launches, there isn’t much information about it yet on the internet. So when someone searches for the product, there aren’t many sites the search engines can pull up related to the product.

By creating and optimizing your website for the new product, you are prime to get high rankings right from the start!










SociWiz is a software that creates mini promotional content that can send traffic to any page you desire. Traffic is from top 5 Social media networks : Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and G+. The mini promotional links are great because if you send lots of traffic to one offer, and it does not convert, you can easily redirect that traffic to any page you desire with 1 little change.In just 3 minutes or less, Sociwiz can start driving traffic to any page that you desire : squeeze pages, cpa offers, sales pages, jv pages and videos. As content created is social friendly, Ivana Bosnjak have included 5 additional traffic boosting video tutorials so you can boost your traffic even more. These tutorials are going to show you how to set up your profiles and drive even more traffic to your sites.SociWiz software is integrated with top 5 social media networks, but you can post your promo links to any place you desire, and Ivana Bosnjak have included top 50 places to get instant traffic to your pages.



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