Hynotherapy Treatment

Guest blogger Sian Ferguson is a freelance writer based in South Africa. For most of us, the word “hypnosis” probably conjures up the image of an old man swinging a pendulum in front of a patient’s weary eyes. Perhaps you think of a show in which random audience members are hypnotized to think they’re chickens […]

When You Have a Breakthrough In Therapy

Today I had a breakthrough in Therapy. For months now I have been stuck in the one traumatic ‘spot’ that has kept me suicidal and self-harming. It has caused major dissociation and my Dissociative Identity Disorder has been out of control with one of my alters that I have written about in past posts causing […]

The 7 Pillars for Creating the Change You Want

Whether you are creating something new, changing something existing, whether it’s career or business, relationships or health, your finances or lifestyle objectives – these 7 pillars for effective change hold true. Often the absence of even one of these pillars is enough to put you on shaky ground. To ensure you set yourself up for […]