Smart Funnelz PRO – Discover Never Before Seen Technology Creates Profitable Quiz Funnels With Money Pages

Quizzes have STORMED the internet over the past few years and combining the power of quizzes and polls with funnels your opt-in rates will go through the roof and you’ll be generating profit much faster than any other method out there. Smart Funnelz changes everything and make it easy for you to create a highly engaging new kind of quirky funnel that gets you hot leads and boosts sales and conversions with a few clicks of your mouse.

This easy-to-use app uses a brand new, kind of quirky way to get massive engagement by creating unique funnels with just a few mouse clicks. These funnels use the power of quizzes and polls to get you big results. Although there are other funnel builders that use quizzes out there, you’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this. 50 most engaging quizzes on BuzzFeed drove just under 3 million engagements in March 2017, an average of almost 60,000 engagements per quiz app with nothing to install or update…..

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QuizzFunnels is The Uber Sophisticated Web Based System With Unique And Leading Edge List Generation Building.This fundamental tool for online marketers generates quizzes for people through micro-commitments and works as a supreme lead capturing system.

QuizFunnels is a one stop solution for Lead captures, social engagements, product promotions and a whole lot more.Quizzes have stormed the internet years ago, and after seeing its effects, marketers have utilized them as a means of generating leads.

Social media quizzes are one of the more competitive forms of content out there, and when implemented into any brand’s marketing strategy, can not only generate leads, but increase audience engagement, provide entertainment value, and even drive revenue.

Consumers love taking them and savvy marketers love leveraging quiz data for hyper-targeted follow up.

So once a quiz taker has taken that first step of answering that first question, they have committed to completing that quiz.. thereby behaving in consistency by following your directions, or that of the quiz, to ultimately attain something, in this case, the answer to the quiz.

STEP 1: Create Outcomes & Questions
Outcomes are the results to your quiz. The outcome the quiz taker gets depends on the options they have checked into the quiz. These can be edited any time in the Easy Editor! Fill in the questions you wish to offer in the quiz and provide a multiple selection on answers.
STEP 2: Configure Leads & Offers
Select your leads capture form and fill in the text you wish to see displayed. Once you’ve done that, select the placement of your form and your CTA. Select your offer type which it’s a way to show your perfect product or offer to quiz takers. You can choose between text offer, image offer with CTA, video offer with or without CTA.
…and Finally Step 3 PUBLISH!!! All that in less than the time you take to polish off a Pizza!! Watch the QuizzFunnel in ACTION:
Make sure that no user misses your quizzes!! Use our embed code to make a quiz popup when a page loads, when a user tries to leave, when they click a link, after a certain amount of time…and more!!
Instead of outdated popups that ask for your email ID, offer a personalized value on your website, blog or eCommerce store! Captivate with fade ins, bounce ins, slide ins and endless animation options to ensure your quiz gets their attention.
QuizFunnels is undoubtedly the most engaging and interactive platform for eCommerce, it is hyper persuasive and converts visitors into buyers and rave customers in no time



 In TrafficFunnlr a simple online poll or quiz is used to laser target your audience to the optimum offer and boost your conversions.

Traffic Funnlr is the only social poll software that enables you to instantly segment traffic, build retargeting audiences AND email lists in one go.

Today this new product came on to the market to let you create complete smart funnels within minutes.

Actually it’s a re-launch and repackaging of the Smart Funnlr short (trial) launch last October. It is a great way to easily and quickly setup these high converting smart funnels.

You don’t even need a website to start generating (affiliate) income by segmenting your visitors to the right offers.

Create high-converting (Facebook and Mobile friendly) funnels by using online polls and quizzes within minutes.

Boost your conversions and laser target your leads to the right offer with as few clicks as possible.

TrafficFunnlr puts a game changing twist on social polls and quizzes to help you engage prospects, increase  your leads, and boost your conversions .