Live Rank Sniper


If you had a crystal ball that could tell you the BEST keywords to focus on that are easy targets for 1st page Google rankings, would that be powerful? You bet it would. And what if you could accurately predict where on the 1st page you’d land for those same keywords and it sure would make it easy to plan out your traffic strategy.

With Live Rank Sniper, You’ll Get 1st Page Rankings In Just 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1 – Add Your List Of Keywords

Step 2 – Live Rank Sniper Goes Looking For Easy Page 1 Targets

Step 3 – Live Rank Sniper Gives You Page 1 Keywords On A Silver Platter In Minutes

This powerful software will help you find ‘money’ keywords that you can rank for in minutes… AND it takes things a step further by helping you nail those TOP rankings.

Inside, you’ll discover the best practices for ranking and making as much money as possible with Live Rank Sniper. This report is 100% up-to-date and easy for anyone to follow… even newbies!


When you can rank on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords, not only can you get a lot of traffic but that traffic is some of the highest-converting traffic you’ll have get.Think about it.

When someone enters a search phrase in Google… they are ACTIVELY looking for something. And when what they find is YOU, it’s easy to write your own check…

Sit back as Live Rank Snipe does all the heavy lifting and finds you easy ‘money’ keywords. Gives You Page 1 Keywords On A Silver Platter In Minutes

Live Rank Sniper leverages the love Google gives to YouTube Live Streams by quickly creating a unique “Live Event’ based on the list of keyword phrases entered into the software

Use the software to Live Stream REAL video content from your to computer to the successfully listed Live Events which turns the live events in ACTUAL Live Streamed Videos… that means a TON of exposure and traffic



Serplify SEO Ranker


Serplify is a one of a kind tool suite that automatically creates unique local pages for every city and zip code, pre-loaded with US/Canada cities, it then ranks on page one of Google for those long tail keywords…

The users can rent these websites out to local businesses with just a few clicks! It only takes a few minutes to setup and be done, and then they could charge thousands to each local business in many niches.

Serplify is the ONLY web based tool that mass builds, customizes, monetizes, GEO-Optimizes, schedules, gets social signals and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank page 1 on Google.

Google loves to see unique content and the specific locations on every page which results in top rankings with push button ease. Combining all the long tail keywords that Serplify will rank, this results in thousands of free daily visitors coming onto the users site.


With just a few clicks you can build Serplify sites for local businesses in the area. For example you can build a site for a dentist, plumber, lawyer, florist, roofer ect, and rank for that trade in every city and zip code in the country.

Once it’s on page 1 of Google, you can reach out to local businesses giving them advertising space on your Serplify site in exchange for your fee (easy 4 figure payday), and that’s all with 1 Serplify site that took minutes to set up.

Not only will we be able to look at your site, but also diagnose any potential issues that are affecting your rankings, we can then give you suggestions to improve and boost your rankings.


SEO Switch Pro


SEO-SWITCH is truly one of those IM launches that come once a year. It’s a fully WordPress Plugin that allows users to instantly rank their site on #1 of Google  and  their sites convert like crazy from a  swam of  organic targeted free traffic, build their list and make more sales in the process.Not only will it allow you to optimize your sites, it will:

  •  Give you an SEO score based on different Google-friendly metrics, so you know how well you’re optimized.
  • Give you action steps to improve your optimization
  •  Provide you with LSI keywords to get you more traffic from terms
you didn’t think of.
  •  Helps you to manually SILO link your site for strong interlink
  • power
  •  Easily allow you to add Google authorship to your 
site without having to mess with any code.
  •  Creates Videos XML Sites maps For Awesome Video Rankings
  •  Optimizes Your Facebook Meta information to get great social
  • traffic and Viral potential and much more!

This  SEO Switch software is guaranteed to be a big success. It fills one of the BIGGEST niches in IM, with a hungry audience and it does it at a quality that blows the competition out of the water! Expect $10+ EPCs and Summer’s Biggest PayDay

  • Full Word Press Plugin With Zero Recurring Fees
  • Groundbreaking 1-Click Google Page 1 Ranker and Autopilot Money Making Sites
  • Best SEO software on Earth automatically rank videos on Google Page #1 that CONVERT
  • SEO Switch Built in the Word Press Plugin- Turning Your Site Into a #1 Ranking Beast
  • Built-In Lead Generation System Builds Your List On Autopilot
  • Professional Stats and Reporting Inside The Admin Panel


From installing the app to maximizing its potential, we’ve got your customers covered


Guaranteed Converter

Our MailX   and VydioX launch  did a monster 240k in sales with $15 EPCs throughout.

SEO SWITCH APP  will be no different as it taps into a HUGE niche that hasn’t seen similar offers recently.

As you can see, we have a ton of angles here, SEO, Video SEO marketing, list building, general make money online, making SEO SWITCH a fantastic product to promote for guaranteed high converting.


X-Ranker 360


X-Ranker 360 is the most powerful software that will allow your customers to get GUARANTEED Page 1 Rankings with their videos every single time!We’ve created a very unique software so that your customers can get results as quickly as possible without having to waste time on campaigns that won’t rank.

We’ve done this by developing our own in-house ranking machine that will ensure they rank on page 1 of Google BEFORE having to put any additional work into their campaigns.X-Ranker 360 also simplifies the ranking process into 4 simple steps.

  1. One of the Most Powerful Keyword Research modules you’ve ever seen
  2. The “PreWork” Ranking Module where they’ll rank before even having to make a video
  3. Once their campaign is ranking on page 1, they’ll be notified and then be able to continue working on the campaign.
  4. Competition Crushing syndication module.

This is guaranteed to be a multiple 6-figure launch. NO ONE else is doing video ranking like this and NO ONE else is able to GUARANTEE your customers will rank on page 1 of Google before EVER having to do more work then they have to.


X Ranker 360 is the ONLY Web App To Truly Guarantee Your Videos Will Rank on Page 1 of Google Without Any Wasted Time or Effort..And the idea of how it came about is actually kinda simple..You see, most people– pick some keywords

– create full campaigns around those keywords  7.jpg
– build backlinks to their videos
– wait 1-4 weeks to see which video will rank and which will not…

And for the most part, that scenario ends in TOTAL The X Ranker guys decided to build a web-app that automatically figures out which keywords will rank with 100% certainty FIRST..and THEN you can invest more time into the campaigns that you know are guaranteed to rank..




Magic SEO Code


Magic SEO Code can affect your SEO is by direct ranking increase. Basically if you FEED the search engines Magic SEO Code, which in turn helps them in understanding your webpage quickly.

It will Escalade your website ranking. Also Magic SEO Code provides you with a great opportunity since it is UNDERUTILIZED; by properly using it with your content you can get an upper hand OVER THE COMPETITION.

The website rankings is boosting in just Three steps:

  • Generate Magic SEO Code using free online software
  • Copy Magic SEO Code
  • Add Magic SEO Code to your website


Magic SEO Code Boost Website Ranking Instantly Without any Back Links


Niche Genetics Expert


Niche Genetics will analyze, dissect and then reveal Google’s hidden and ever-changing algorithm. This allows you to “crack the Google code” so you can find out exactly what to do in order to get your site ranking on top of Google, for the best keywords in your niche. The keywords that matter most to your bottom line!

Just analyze what Google is already doing to rank sites, and then do what those sites are doing. With some research, you can discover the keywords that are most worthwhile to rank for, as well as related keywords that your customers are searching.

Searching for the best buyer keywords, analyzing the top ranking sites and then gathering the necessary information can be incredibly time consuming. And as we all know… time is money. That’s why my team and I set out to create a solution and now with Niche Genetics, that solution is here!

To start dominating with NicheGenetics, you start with a single keyword! Just enter the single seed keyword and NicheGenetics does the rest! Our highly-sophisticated software will uncover the entire niche’s mother lode of traffic-rich keywords for you, in minutes.

It then generates a birds-eye view of everything. Showing you exactly what goes into ranking for your desired niche including the number of backlinks, authority…. everything!

You will find out all you need to know and do in order to get your site ranked above your competition! NicheGenetics will also reveal the most popular long-tail keywords, categories, related questions, LSI keywords, vital topics for your niche and much more!

Niche Genetics2.jpg




RankActive helps you to track your online presence, spy on your competitors, keep an eye on your brand on the Web and improve your search engine rankings. Our products contains  Rank tracker helps you to monitor your search engine rankings and get comprehensive information about your keywords, Site auditor checks every page of your website for technical errors and broken links, so you can fix them if they are found, Backlinks explorer helps you to keep an eye on your links profile and find new link building opportunities, Competitors inspector helps you to compare your website with competitors by traffic, rankings, visibility, One-click integration with Google Analytics. Traffic, conversions, popular content and much more and Brand monitor which tracks the whole Web and social networks for citations and mentions of your brand.

All we know that success of every business can be estimated by brand strength. Loyal customers can generate most of the business total profit. Dissatisfied customers will pull down the brand. It is important to devote time and efforts to monitor brand citations, to increase the loyalty of existing customers, to convert dissatisfied customers to loyal customers.What do customers write about your brand on the Web? How to respond quickly for negative mentions? What is dynamics of citations of your brand on the Web? We know the answers!