Massive Real Estate Video Library

We want to give you a peek into a secret project we’ve been working on for quite a while.If you are a real estate agent who likes to work with home sellers and listings you will want to check this out.If you’d like to make inroads with more sellers and get more FSBO listings, you […]

Technology is finally eliminating geography as a barrier to real estate investing — TechCrunch

Real estate investing has long elicited a variety of emotions, running the gamut from excitement to anxiety. When dealing with significant sums of capital, feelings of apprehension tend to creep in, especially regarding neighborhood quality, tenant and property management issues and liquidity. But those feelings of apprehension should be balanced by the knowledge that real… via […]

Real Estate Marketing Magazine

If you want more real estate agents knocking on your door wanting to hire you then stop selling your service. The secret is to help them solve difficult problems in their business that limit their income and that they cannot fix alone.You see, every service provider is pulling at their purse strings trying to sell […]