Everything Rebrandable


Build a good, large list and develop a relationship of trust with your subscribers and it is a goldmine. Many people make thousands just by sending out a simple email that takes 10 minutes to write. It is like a massive library full of quality written reports and ebooks and even “desktop membership site” software titles that you can use to build your list. The best part is, all of these products have links to products that YOU will earn money from when sales are made. You see, all of these reports and software products are fully rebrandable. So you give a report away for free and if anyone reads through and decided to click on the link to the product showcased in the report…you get paid.Not only will you never be short of a giveaway product to attract subscribers or a bonus to sweeten a deal, but you could be making “stealthy” affiliate sales well into the future. If you have never seen one of these, you have been missing out. Think of these as mini membership sites that are on a PC desktop. These dashboards deliver many kinds of curated content…pdfs, videos, MP3 audios…And they all have a “next Steps” link to a paid product or service. yes, you guessed it, those links will be YOUR affiliate links. People love “software”. It has a higher perceived value. These are extremely popular as a way of delivering mixed media content in one lightweight package.As a member, you not only get instant access to ALL of the existing content archive but you also get new reports and software added every single month. You will have a steady supply of “stealth salesmen” to build new lists with or to pass to existing subscribers.




ViralPLR Rebranding

You can then use the product as an incentive for your subscribers to give their name and email so that you can build a list of subscribers… and we know how powerful it is when you have you own list.Any subscribers you generate are stored into the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System which you can then use to email your offers to the list you’ve built.The best part is, you don’t need web hosting, autoresponders, FTP and you certainly don’t need to design and create web pages  all that technical stuff is done for you. Everything’s built into the ViralPLR system. It’s simple, quick and saves you heaps of time.You can promote each product you receive each month with just one link that ViralPLR provides you. That’s how easy it is.What will you get as a member? A brand new info product based around a hot topic, Automatic rebranding of each eBook with your details like your name and website on the title page, Access to the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System which lets you build a list and mail out your offers to them, A landing page and sales page to promote each product you receive every month, Promote each product with a unique promotion link ViralPLR provides you in the members area much, much more.