List Janitor


List Janitor is a powerful desktop software that help you clean your list on your desktop computer itself. You won’t have to pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned, and you won’t have to pay a recurring. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want.

List Janitor also has ultra-powerful list management and segmentation features that will help you create sub-lists targeting specific user groups. You can’t get this even from expensive list-cleaning services. Like all our products, List Janitor is field-tested, proven and well-maintained.

List Janitor advantages are :

  • Bring dead lists to life
  • Import your lists easier into autoresponders
  • Reduce your email marketing costs
  • Improves your email delivery
  • Get a higher open rate
  • Segment your lists easily
  • Combine two lists into one
  • Super Easy To Use



Give a makeover to your email deliverability strategy with the most powerful list cleaning and management app! List Janitor is one stop solution to your email deliverability strategy.

How will ListJanitor help you boost profits? ListJanitor is a powerful desktop software that helps you clean your list on your desktop computer itself. No more do you have to : – Pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned. – Cough up a monthly recurring fee.

Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want at a small one time investment that is going to give you value for money over and over again! It’s powered with the most unbeatable features that you won’t get even in the most expensive List cleaning service providers!


(1) SiteSync FTP Developer – How To download and restore unlimited entire FTP & WordPress sites – YouTube



With SiteSync you can easily backup, download and restore unlimited entire FTP sites, as well as WordPress sites and its plugins.With SiteSync, the number of sites you could secure was 5 with Elite, and 50 with Advanced. With SiteSync PRO, the number of sites you can backup is UNLIMITED.

This covers, unlimited FTP sites, unlimited WordPress sites and unlimited HTML sites that you can now backup, download and restore. When it comes to securing your websites, we’ve got you covered.

Receive instant notifications via email whenever your website or server goes down. Just get an email as soon our monitors detect that your site is down and you can be up and running in just 3 minutes. This notification reduces your damages to a minimum.

Securing your business doesn’t get easier than this. Don’t pay for 5 copies of SiteSync Pro! Now you can allow 5 team members to collaborate, all under one license. Watch the video below to find out how it works:

Unlimited Client Developer License is your golden ticket to securing an unlimited number of sites for your clients! This software offers what every single client of yours needs.

You just need to tell them the super-slick business security solutions you offer (every feature that SiteSync Pro offers) and you can charge them anything you want and make a lot of PROFIT


SiteSync Pro gives you a ridiculously unfair advantage over others…So you need to grab this NOW! You can keep pinching yourself all day long but you better believe it!The cap is off and there is no end to this prodigy now!

This bottomless pit of brilliance will let you backup and secure an unlimited number of websites, minimise your damage with website monitoring and make bank with the developer license till you literally tire out of all the success that’s been coming your way!!


WP Site Guardian – How To Instantly Speed Up Your WordPress Sites In 1 Click By Fixing Hidden Errors

WP Site Guardian is a full featured WAF (Web Application Firewall) which protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks – exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses in programming that exists across 10,000+ plugins and themes and new ones are discovered and published daily. They make up 92% of all attacks on WordPress sites so should be the #1 priority for any security solution. A hacker can compromise a site in using an exploit in seconds no matter what security product you are running – yes you can get hacked even behind Cloudflare, the best host and the best security services/plugins no matter how much money you pay…….

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Watch My Website


Watch My Website tracks and monitors your server uptime constantly to make sure your websites are always online. If any outage is detected, Watch My Website emails you a notification or sends you a text message. If your niche websites aren’t online, you aren’t making money. Make sure your sites stay online and learn when they’re not. Just sign up under the account type of your choice and you will instantly receive your link and login to Watch My Website. Navigate a browser to the console and start adding your sites instantly upon activation. It’s not fun when you find out your ecom store website is offline or showing a database error or even something worse especially when you have no idea how long it’s been offline. Get notified instantly of any outage. If your website is not online then you’re not getting the leads that your business depends on for daily survival. Stay on top with 24/7 monitoring.


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