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The Sales Bot – Creates Fully Hosted Websites With Built In Traffic Highly Profitable In Less Than 60 Seconds

With this Cloud based app ,  you can use on any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection andf create ready to profit fully-hosted websites at the touch of a button. Its 100% newbie friendly. Even brand new marketers with no experience…


Want To Sell More? Keep Your Mouth Shut – George Deeb

I have written dozens of useful how-to lessons for driving sales, but perhaps none is more important than this one.  This is the day that you learn that driving sales has very little to do with what YOU have to say.  And, it is everything…

How New Entrants Are Shaping The Future Of Retail | Online Marketing Tools

Retailers Brandless, Warby Parker and Boxed show that retail innovation and disruption may come from the middle – or rather, by eliminating it. Source: How New Entrants Are Shaping The Future Of Retail | Online Marketing Tools

Restaurant POS Lightspeed Announces iOS Integrations – Michael Guta

Lightspeed has announced it is integrating Intuit QuickBooks Online and Planday so retailers and restaurateurs can efficiently manage their finances and workforce within the iOS ecosystem. Lightspeed iOS Integration Intuit is going to bring its payroll solution, while Planday will provide a workforce management…

Microsoft Reportedly Working on Amazon Go-Like Cashier-Less Technology – Taylor Soper

Amazon isn’t the only Seattle-area tech giant that wants to change how we pay for items at the grocery store. Microsoft’s business AI team is developing automated technology that tracks what shoppers put in their cart, according to a report from Reuters, which said…

UK Retail Sales Come In From The Cold With a 1.6% Rise In April

Retailers enjoyed the biggest jump in sales in 18 months during April as shoppers, forced to stay home by the bitter weather in March, returned to the high street. Fashion clothing, food and petrol sales bounced back to push sales volumes up 1.6% in…

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