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Twitter has blown up in recent years.From small bloggers and online marketers to even Presidents are using Twitter to communicate with their audience.Huge brands are selling out 1000s of products every single day using Twitter.

When you build an audience, you can send 1000s of people to your site with just 1 tweet.But building an audience with a large number of followers has always been the #1 problem for anyone starting out online or running a small business.

The fact is  Twitter is not just for celebrities, news channels and media authorities. With the right audience, it can become VERY profitable for you, very quickly.Imagine getting 100s of new Email Leads everyday, without doing any work.

Imagine growing your Twitter Followers to 1000s of new people every week. Imagine being able to take your content VIRAL in just 10 seconds.Imagine spending seconds (instead of HOURS) setting up your twitter marketing campaign.

Think of getting more sales, more amazon commissions and more clicks to every offer you tweet out.Imagine making more and more money from Twitter without spending any time.What would it feel like to be able to get 100s of people engaging on every tweet you make?

With WP Tweet Machine 2.0 you can work like magic.Simply create your campaign with your Twitter Account and add 2-3 keywords or hashtags relevant to your niche.The software also curates content and keeps your twitter account active by posting Videos, Images and Content from RSS Feeds.

Having great content for new followers will make you look like an authority in your niche and increase your following even more. You just have to click this ON/OFF button and turn ON your campaign – BOOM, that’s it, WP Tweet Machine 2.0 will do its job on complete autopilot while you relax or focus on other important stuff to do.


You just have to click this ON/OFF button and turn ON your campaign – BOOM, that’s it, WP Tweet Machine 2.0 will do its job on complete autopilot while you relax or focus on other important stuff to do. See the WP Tweet in action:

Never before has there been a software that gets you 100% Real Twitter Followers so fast and that too on complete autopilot. A true set and forget solution to growing your twitter account without any manual work. Very unique solution

Getting email leads from Twitter directly is very unique and there are no tools out there that can do for at zero cost for you. But now you can build a huge list of targeted people in ANY NICHE very fast. Thanks to this brand new feature added to Tweet Machine 2.0


Like other software products that let you get content from just a few sources, WP Tweet Machine lets you post content to your account from an unlimited number of video, image and content sources. Mix and match the kind of content you like – 100% in your control.




Audience social


With Audience Social you will able to INSTANTLY increase sales and profits by re-engaging targeted traffic, Easiest retargeting ever – works for absolute beginners with no experience, ONLY software that lets you retarget traffic that goes to sites you don’t even own – UNLIMITED potential for eCom and affiliate marketers.

91% Of YOUR Website Visitors Leave Without Converting ,Now You Can Capture Those Visitors For UNFAIR Leads And Profits.Just login to audience social and setup your first campaign, Provide any or all your tracking codes of Fb, Google Adwords, Perfect Audience , Re-Targeter and AdRoll and run ads on this highly target audience that clicked your link. This strategy has allowed us to boost your profits by upto 500%.

We’ve seen this ourselves – and none of the above methods work if they’re not done the “right way”.That’s why we made something that MILLIONS of business owners need to reconnect with all this lost traffic.Currently, there are just 2 ways to try and recapture your lost traffic:

First, pay thousands to ad experts – who often charge recurring payments – just for small ad campaigns.Second, learn online advertising and retargeting yourself. No problem if you’ve got thousands to spare for advanced training and a couple of months to learn everything.Or, you could just tap into the world’s most advanced retargeting app that literally does it all for you.



  • Enter up to 6 target URLs, then choose how often you want them to rotate
  • Pick your favorite retargeting platform and provide pixel of any or all of the retargeting platforms
  • Geotarget your preferred audience. Choose the countries in which you want to run your campaign
  • Click “generate url” and Audience Social provides a custom url for your campaign – use this in emails, social media posts and landing pages
  • Now if you want to run ads on this highly target audience who clicked your link, Go to You Fb Ads Account, Create Audience, Select “People who visit Specific webpage” in website traffic and create Audience.This Audience who clicked on Audience social link is laser targeted who is interested in your content and you will make 500% more profit next time you run ads on with very less ad spend.
  • You can check stats of Campaign in statistic panel for any campaign.Audience Social will show you each Visitor’s IP, Country, Device and Source.
  • Use the included “traffic quality meter” to rate the quality of traffic anyone sends you



Viral FB Retargeter

1.jpgWith Viral FB Retargeter you can drive traffic to anywhere you like… Your own products, Affiliate offers, squeeze pages, CPA offers, MLM or Network Marketing offers, Amazon links, blogs, Teespring pages, etc.

Get thousands – tens of thousands of free VISITORS to your sites on autopilot, Build massive free RETARGETING audiences to follow up on all your visitors for pennies and Laser Targeted Leads And Sales Using A Formula And System No One Else Knows OR Has Access To.

Thousands of free visitors means more sales, a bigger list and more profits. You can earn thousands of easy extra dollars each month by leveraging other people’s efforts, starting right now.

This “new Facebook Marketing strategy” that no one else is using ,gets More Free Traffic, Bigger organic reach and much more profits than any other strategy out there…We are going to reveal to you the EXACT secrets we use to achieve massive and consistent paydays in just a second.

We are going to give you a sneak peak into Viral Retargeter so you can see it’s based on REAL FACTS that will generate you Massive Profits On Autopilot.

Facebook Retarget Engine


Bringing people back to your site and turning them into loyal customers is priceless. This is a game-changer. Now imagine, someone on a site you’re promoting; they love what they see, and are getting ready to buy when all of sudden a distraction happens

Phone call, dog jumps in lap, kids crying and etc.. Afterwards they completely forget what they were doing and ultimately you lose the sale.

This is where Retarget Engine comes in. Using Facebook retargeting tool, this simple but powerful WordPress plugin allows you to remind your distracted customer who left your site the next time they login to their Facebook. How?

How Does It Work?

  1. Once you’ve purchased, simply download the plugin, than upload to your WordPress Installation.
  2. Get the link to your amazon book, affiliate product, eCommerce product, or anything else you’re selling.
  3. Add the link to your campaign, this will generate a new link on your website for your Facebook ad
  4. Generate a new custom audience in Facebook, take the code they give you and add it to the campaign.
  5. Create your Facebook Ad – and select the audience you just created.

Imagine if you could recapture people who came to your e-bay listing through a Facebook ad and retarget them with a discount option? Simply giving them another chance to purchase will greatly increase the likelihood of a sale..

Simply pop your affiliate link into the plugin, follow the instructions and BAM you can now retarget folks who visit your link! Simple as apple pie on the fourth of july.




Start Retargeter


Imagine an all-new global vendor in the form of a large-scale online seller. That is how the Start FB Retargeter makes the ultimate difference in the world of online engagement.

The Start FB Retargeter makes you a direct vendor with almost zero-percent pocket spending. Being a seller or affiliate, you stand out to be a candidate that you can put your hands on the following options:

Instant Affiliate Payments: The site saves your sake from the overbearing conscription of being a third-party vendor. Meaning, the business engagement in the site paves your way towards single ownership. The site eventually helps you to highhandedly manage your business units.

Global Vendor Access: Every time you send a buyer to one of the company’s vendors, you are given the privilege to be automatically linked into one of their galvanizing products.

Stylish Button Creation: The newly-designed buy buttons can let you have an access on your account with an easy eye. Through such feature, you can clearly monitor the progress of your account in the market. With the buy buttons, you can also immediately experience an online spin in just a matter of days.



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