Short-Term XRP Market Analysis: Must Hold Uptrend

As Bitcoin (BTC) faces a moment of some decision, XRP (XRP) too stands at a critical juncture for short to medium term trading. Namely, the notable altcoin must hold within consolidation patterns on *both* XRP/BTC and XRP/USD charts, and continue pushing toward a breakout scenario later in June – and it must do this despite what Bitcoin does.

XRP/BTC has been consolidating in a triangle pattern, after blowing through an important uptrend support level in April and bouncing of a lower support level in May. That bounce brought some impressive USD gains during May, 60% worth.

6 june xrp pa(source:

This pattern should conclude about mid-month, if it holds, although it is not in itself a particularly bullish formation, and thus could break down at any time. Arguing for the weakness of XRP in this pattern, we notice that XRP/BTC has not retested the top of the pattern on this latest cycle.

6 june xrp pa(source:

Looking at XRP/USD above, we note what strongly resembles an ascending triangle consolidation pattern – a bullish pattern. Although this uptrend has held, Bitcoin’s uncertainty could become a problem: any dramatic drop in Bitcoin’s price could easily knock XRP/USD out of this pattern, down to $0.35 or even $0.30.

As Bitcoin reaches the end of its own small consolidation pattern, a more dramatic move should come soon. After that, it may quickly become evident which way XRP is going to go. It is definitely possible that, even with a Bitcoin dump, XRP/BTC could have a leg up and keep the XRP/USD chart from falling out.

6 june xrp pa(source:

As we can see on the above weekly chart, XRP has been one of the worst performing major altcoins of 2019. Maybe that will change soon.

The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect those of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.

Source: CryptoGlobe


1,000,000,000 XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow

Ripple has unlocked 1 billion XRP from escrow, worth about $442 million at time of publishing.

The San Francisco startup will sell a portion of the funds to crypto exchanges and institutional participants and return the rest to escrow at the end of the month.

Source: Bithomp

Ripple, which owns more than half of the total supply of XRP, does not reveal the buyers. However, crypto whale watchers are constantly monitoring XRP movements from Ripple’s over-the-counter (OTC) wallets to unknown wallets, which indicate sales of XRP.

Ripple typically sells a fraction of the total amount unlocked each month and releases an overview of the dollar amount of XRP sold each quarter.

According to the company’s last report, Ripple sold $169.42 million worth of XRP in January, February and March.

Source: Ripple

Since 2016, Ripple has sold a total of $890 million in XRP – 34.4% to crypto exchanges and 65.6% to institutions, reports The Block.

Ripple’s sale of XRP recently triggered a lively debate on Reddit on whether it has an impact on the price of the leading digital asset.

Source: Pivot – Blockchain Community

Ripple News: R3 Launches Corda Network — How Does This Impact XRP?

The long-awaited Corda Network (CN) has finally been launched by the enterprise blockchain software firm, R3. The Corda Network will be governed by a newly-created not-for-profit organization called the Corda Network Foundation. R3 announced the news in a press release on January 16, 2019, stating that the newly created foundation will take over the governance and work encouraging the growth and adoption of the Corda Network…….

Source: Ripple News: R3 Launches Corda Network — How Does This Impact XRP?

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