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Blog Defender will lock down your money sites so you’ll never have to worry again. And with this update, we’ve included complete developer rights.   Meaning? You can now install and implement the SAME security features on unlimited client sites. Charge WHATEVER you wish – from a simple one-time setup fee to an ongoing maintenance […]

Wi-Fi Alliance announces new WPA3 security protections

(Source: The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced WPA3, a new standard of Wi-Fi security features for users and service providers. This is welcome news, given that a Wi-Fi exploit was uncovered late last year which affected all modern Wi-Fi networks using WPA or WPA2 security encryption, letting attackers eavesdrop on traffic between computers and wireless […] […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

For consumers, the cloud is a big blessing: It lets them store huge amounts of information—music, messages, photos and so on—at little or no cost. Thanks to a wide array of services, it’s possible to squirrel away as much digital data as you like without buying extra equipment like hard drives or memory sticks. The… via […]


With SiteSync you can easily backup, download and restore unlimited entire FTP sites, as well as WordPress sites and its plugins.With SiteSync, the number of sites you could secure was 5 with Elite, and 50 with Advanced. With SiteSync PRO, the number of sites you can backup is UNLIMITED. This covers, unlimited FTP sites, unlimited […]

WP Site Guardian

WP Site Guardian is a full featured WAF (Web Application Firewall) which protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks – exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses in programming that exists across 10,000+ plugins and themes and new ones are discovered and published daily. They make up 92% of all attacks on […]


With WP Master Control you can Set-up, Back up,Secure and Update Multiple Sites At Once With Less Than 60 Seconds Work . ALL Your WP Sites Secured / Setup / Backed Up and Updated – 60 Seconds Set Up, Secure, Backup and Maintain EVERY WP Site in 60 Seconds . WP Automation – Set Up, […]

Easy Blur

How many times have you found yourself trying to hide unwanted things while you are recording a screen-capture video on your PC or MAC? Or what about while you’re on a webinar, you find yourself carefully trying to hide things you don’t want others to see? Even with an Facebook Live Session, where it will be […]

Blog Defender

Blog Defender is a full system to protect your WordPress sites against hackers and other risks. It comes with 7 videos about the basics and more advanced tips how to use 3 WordPress plugins to fully protect your sites. As there are thousands of WordPress blogs hacked every day, this package is a must have […]

WP Forcefield

If you have a WordPress site, is your site safe from hacker, bot and spam attacks? Or, could you be in danger of losing your reputation, rankings and ultimately your income?If your site ever came under attack, or if spammers ever tried to to spam your site with their comments Most vulnerabilities come from plugins, […]

Rethinking security for the Internet of Things — TechCrunch

Many people scoffed in January 2014 when Cisco CEO John Chambers pegged the “Internet of Everything” as a potential $17 trillion market, five to 10 times more impactful on society than the Internet itself. Two years later, it seems that Chambers’ prediction for the phenomenon more commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT) could… via […]

Finally! Share your code securely with @GitHub… — Patrick Bouillaud Blog , L’univers du Cloud et du Digital

Finally! Share your code securely with @GitHub Enterprise Finally! Share your code securely with @GitHub… IBM Technical Rock Star Program via Finally! Share your code securely with @GitHub… — Patrick Bouillaud Blog , L’univers du Cloud et du Digital

How to deal with the rising threat of ransomware — TechCrunch

Of all the money-making schemes hackers employ, the most prevalent is perhaps ransomware, a malware that is usually delivered through infected email attachments and hacked websites or websites featuring ads. Ransomware encrypts files on a user’s computer and renders them unusable until the victim ransoms the key for a specific amount of money. Read More via […]

Making sense of enterprise security — TechCrunch

Until recently, I knew nothing about enterprise security beyond some of the more widely-publicized breaches in the United States. That said, after spending most of 2016 immersed in the space, I’ve come to appreciate just how challenging and broad an issue security has become to enterprises. I’ve also come to believe that our best hope… via […]

Seamless Secure

A brand new WordPress plugin is specially designed to keep your WordPress site completely safe and secure from hackers, spammers, malware’s, etc. Seamless Secure is one of the best WP Security plugin. The Seamless Secure plugin comes with five pairs of security tools starting from Malware scanner & Removal Tool, Five layers security, Complete Site […]

Identity Theft

Are you planning on starting to protect your identity or simply want to ?  If so, pay attention!There’s finally a new, breakthrough book created just for people just like you! And, if you really want to get the best results possible without putting in countless hours in at the local library, then this book is definitely for YOU! […]