SMSBOT – Highly Targeted Buyers SMS List Using Mobile Widget Bot Messages

While Your Competitors Struggle To Figure Out Email Marketing, You Could Be First In Line To Get Text Messages Directly Into Your Buyers’ Sms Inbox, Where They Will Get Opened, Read & Acted On. Upload a CSV file of your existing buyers or followers directly and start sending them SMS messages directly. You can just ask for their contact number in person (like in an networking event or any place) and add them manually to SMSBot. Every time someone texts you, they are added to your SMS list. This is very powerful when used correctly. These are the people highly interested in your service and convert to buyers easily…….

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MobileX is All-In-One Bulk SMS platform with limited time SMS marketing/reselling enabled.Every month, about Over 6 billion text messages are sent each day.Individuals will sign up at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your “Personal Users”.

Organizations, companies and churches will sign up to buy and send SMS to their members, clients for invitation, meetings, reminder etc. These are your “Group users”.Resellers (Entrepreneurs who also want to own their own BULK SMS/Autoresponder Website) will pay you huge money.

Connect SMS with Email campaign and don’t ever miss the expected action from your leads anymore. This enables your clients to create an instant automated SMS campaign along with your running Email Campaign.


SMS Autoresponder allows you to track the open rate of text message and integrate SMS into your marketing mix. You can set SMS Auto Responder with up to 10 automated scheduled SMS Delivery Set in Minutes, Hours, and Days, for your required Campaign Design Flow.

You can generate optin code for your SMS autoresponder campaign or import verified mobile list into the campaign.API Routing connects several SMS APIs and use them simultaneously. Assign users to Specific Choice API for effective delivery.Auto Crediting allows instant online payment with credit card for account auto crediting…never run out from SMS credits.

Users Credit Other Users offers users the leverage on the portal to have their clients register as users which will pay them directly and they can credit the users via Credit Transfer Function.SMS Personalization gives that personal feel with all SMS sent out. Don’t miss the sales conversion again! Touch a cord by mentioning recipient name in your bulk SMS campaign.


MobileX is revolutionary. Not only has it got every feature you could want to make your sms marketing campaigns easier and successful, but the support ticket system, smart sms options and the autoresponder integration make it the most valuable and useful sms platform to come to the market in years!

2.jpgMore importantly, the software is designed in such a way that, anyone without techinal knowledge can get things setup and running in only 3 simple steps. MobileX is without question my new tool of choice when it comes to sms marketing.

MOBILE X is a true innovation in customer engagement. It’s one of the freshest, most relevant applications I’ve seen for understanding what an audience wants. And when those results start to come in, be prepared to be addicted! It’s one tool that you can use every day to drive sales.


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