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Our new, groundbreaking Solo Ads platform simplifies the issues surrounding finding, buying and selling solo ads.  We provide complete market visibility which means more informed buyers.. and quicker buying decisions.

 The concept of a real-time marketplace also provides that sense of urgency/scarcity to make the purchase, as at ANY moment the desired offer may be reserved, purchased and removed from our marketplace.

Using the technology we’ve developed, it’s now possible to find the best/most suitable Solo Ad in under one minute, and have it completely paid for and booked in another minute!   There’s nothing quite like it out there, and we firmly believe that we’ve developed the best solution for today’s Solo Ad needs.



Easy Social Ads Formatter


Reading article on blogs, forums or news website can get really messy-Thanks to the advertisements , widgets, buttons, subscription box and other necessary UI elements.

One good way to remove clutter and advertisements from article pages is to install an Ad Blocker browser extension, but sometimes blocking Ads is not just enough.

Easily display on any posts and pages with just a single line of code.( shortcode integration). Offer your subscribers password protected exclusive usage of a plugin by password protecting the posts or pages.

So how do you format a web page for easy reading and keep only the content of the article, removing all the ads, Facebook social plugins, widgets,banners, subscription boxes, and other promotional stuff?



Evil Reddit Ads

Reddit Ads


Evil Reddit Ads is from extraordinary Ben Adkins. Evil Reddit Ads is very marvelous for internet marketers. Evil Reddit Ads is Best Complete Special Upgrade Live Course Going To Show You How To Get A Ton Of Free Traffic on Reddit by “ethically hacking” the way that Reddit Works And Will Show You The Secret to Dominating the Paid Traffic Side of Reddit. Evil Reddit Ads, Inside is going to show you everything you need to know to get organic Reddit Traffic, and a lot of it.  You’re going to also want to start taking advantage of something very special on Reddit. This will show you exactly how to use the reddit ad Interface and several Evil Reddit Ad Tricks to grow your brand using the Reddit Platform.

What is Inside “Evil Reddit Ads”?

  • Part 1: Anatomy and Setup of a Reddit Ad
    We’ll walk you through the basics of the Reddit Ad Editor and the Anatomy of how a Reddit Ad gets put together the right way. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be on your way to setting up Laser Targeted Reddit Ads for your business right away.
  • Part 2: The Magic 20 Subreddits
    The key to putting together an amazing Reddit Ad campaign lies in your ability to find the right Subreddits to advertise in (and learning the quirks of each subreddit). I’ll show you my step by step method for finding and grading subreddits to run my ads in successfully.
  • Part 3: The 5 Tricks for Successful Reddit Ads
    There are 5 powerful formulas that I use when running Ads on Reddit that give me a leg up over anyone else running Reddit ads. I’ll share each of those formulas with you so you can hit the ground running with your campaigns.
  • Part 4: Tracking and Retargeting Reddit Ads
    You’ve got a hungry crowd that will be clicking on your ads and visiting your site. Now we want to make sure we use that exposure to our advantage in a big way. I’ll show you how to track your Reddit Traffic to make sure it’s effective and how to use Retargeting to multiply your Reddit Ad Spend in a Big way.
  • Part 5: Reddit Ad Case Studies
    One of the easiest ways to be successful with Reddit Ads is to follow in the footsteps of those that are already rocking it. We’ll show you the inside track on some very successful Reddit Ad Campaigns that you can copy for your business.




500 Premium Clicks Solo Ad


strive to deliver your traffic as quickly as possible, so I reserve the right to start sending traffic to your URL before the provisional date. Therefore please make sure your offer is properly set up and ready before submitting an order.All pricing below is for sending your offer URL only and my email ad copy/swipe. If you wish to include your own copy in the mailing,
All prices  are for UNIQUE clicks, not raw. Unique clicks  from different (unique) visitors (different IP addresses). Raw clicks – are all clicks delivered to your link. For example, if someone goes to your link and clicks it 6 times, you will see 1 unique click and 6 raw clicks.I only count unique clicks towards the overall click count of your solo ad.This way, you’re always receiving more clicks than you order.I do not use pop ups, pop unders, exit pops, safelists or any other kind of low quality traffic.The traffic I send you will come from REAL PEOPLE reading emails and clicking on the link in my email.Your URL is the only URL included in the email. It will not be used as a “Bonus” or “PS” link. That way you can be rest assured that you are getting only highly targeted traffic to your offer. Also, we all know that the best targeted traffic comes from the US, UK, CAN, AU and NZ. My list currently contains 70.3% US, UK, CAN, AU and NZ traffic

I have a large active subscriber base who reads my daily emails and check out the products I recommend. At any given day,

I’m adding at least 200-300 new subscribers to my lists. Therefore, my lists are always kept fresh for my solo ad customers.So if you want to run more than one solo ad, just like many of my customers, you can be rest assured your ad will be clicked by different people as long as I space the promotions at least 2 weeks apart. For video presentations and subscribing charges see my download page

Traffic Monopoly

Traffic Monopoly is about buying paid advertising.  Not through pay per click ads or Facebook ads, but through buying what are known as “solo ads.”  In short, you’re paying people with established mailing lists to promote your offer to their lists.  When you buy solo ads, you agree to buy a certain number of “clicks”, which represent people reading the email message and clicking on the link in the message.  As any marketer knows, 90% of all the work you’ll do in trying to make money online is generating traffic.  Without visitors to your Website, you have not business and you’ll make no money.  While it’s fun to work online from home, you can’t do it if you don’t have Website visitors.  The market for all products is competitive and search engines are picky and paid advertising can be expensive.  So that’s where The Traffic Monopoly comes in.  They say they’ve found a “new” and “secret” traffic source that will let you more or less just push a button and make money.  That sounds like the Holy Grail of traffic generation, so let’s see what’s going on with The Traffic Monopoly.




main site

Solo Ad Escape


Kevin Fahey will show you How  personally earned over $30,000 in commissions with a pay per lead program in 30 days, How to get other marketers to build your list for you for free…  generating 3,124 FREE leads using this method, The bests software and tools to use for setting up squeeze pages and split-testing your offers and landing pages, Why you should be split-testing, and how even the most technophobic newbie can start split-testing today, Split-testing results from over 150,000 visitors so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t, Discover the absolute best autoresponder to use in your marketing business, How to get the most bang for your buck from JV Zoo, The free tool that allows you to setup a sales funnel from scratch in less than 3 minutes, The worst time to launch a product and how to know when those times are. Kevin did a fantastic job explaining in detailed step by step what to do so that even newbies with no experience can use his system to succeed with list building! This is without doubt an excellent course to read and IMPLEMENT! Do this and you will be successful