Tablet Video Membership Sales Funnel

Tablet Video Membership Sites

The step by step training that teaches you how to build a video training site all the way from idea to profit with WordPress, Wishlist Member, the most popular membership plugin for WordPress, ,the best affiliate tracking system with instant commission payouts.

…and if you struggle with making video content on your computer, the training on the top 4 iPad apps to make teaching video content. It has never been easier or more affordable because of my tested and perfected system of tools.

Here is an outline of the training you get:

Learn the Membership Mindset

  1. Case study of my successful Online Legal Music Membership test.
  2. How to choose what to teach or sell
  3. Residual income – the reason you want a membership site
  4. Why JVzoo & its affiliates are revolutionary for marketing membership sites
  5. How to recruit affiliates the way I do
  6. How to promote with webinars or hangout
  7. How to buy traffic from Google, Facebook or YouTube
  8. The resource to create automated webinar replays in WordPress

WordPress How to..

  1. Get a domain and CPANEL Hosting
  2. Setup WordPress and Get a Theme
  3. Header design options
  4. Setup your sales page
  5. Wishlist Plugin setup and Video Plugins
  6. Setting level templates for one time or sequential level memberships
  7. Setup JVzoo payment option options
  8. Use other plugins –  Page Link Manager, Limited Logins, Flowplayer,
  9. Making JV page to recruit affiliates

iPad Video App Trainings

  1. How to do the iMovie app basics – editing, mixing, voice over
  2. About the incredible Knowmia app to make trainings
  3. How to use the IntroMate App for killer video intros and transistions
  4. Encoding and uploading with Vimeo
  5. Upload to WordPress or S3 – Using Flowplayer video player
  6. Wrap up

To see the video presentation and membership click HERE
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