SEO XBusiness – The Only Tool You Need to Launch Your Fully Fledged SEO Business with No Experience At All

With our app, you can easily launch a fully profitable SEO business with no experience at all. SEO XBusiness creates instant ‘deliver reports’ that you can send instantly for your clients after our app does all the hard work for you.You can add your own logo to all the reports SEO XBusiness creates, this is amazing for branding. With SEO XBusiness you have no restrictions, you can create unlimited campaigns, do unlimited services,  get unlimited reports and unlimited profits, There’s nothing to install, you can run SEO XBusiness from any browser, even on mobile. SEO XBusiness is designed for you to sell SEO Services for huge profits  with no effort – all the features that come with SEO XBusiness can be sold as a service on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork and many more….

WP FanMachine PRO – Want 10x More Power, Email Alerts, Full AutoBlogging & Faster Growth for Unlimited Fan Pages

With Fan Machine PRO, you can run unlimited campaigns for any number of fanpages from the same WordPress site without installing it on new sites. One single dashboard to grow all your fanpages at once. With the PRO version, you can use the autopilot content curation feature built for fanpages and also use it to post content on complete autopilot letting you grow your wordpress sites without lifting a finger. Post images, links, RSS feed content or videos directly to your WP sites on autopilot…..

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Tee Marketing Academy

We use teach how to use Facebook Marketing to Generate Massive Laser Targeted Traffic to any Offer! The #1 Reason why Facebook Marketing will be dominate and crucial to learn in ANY Business in 2015-2016 is because it’s the #1 social media in the planet! It literally has over 1.39 Billion Users.

Facebook’s Data base is by far top of the line, and it allows us marketers to use their data to distinguish who exactly we want to see our Ads.There are over 890 Million that log into Facebook daily!In fact over 42% of all marketers say that Facebook is crucial in their business.

Over 20% of the time someone is online they are on Facebook.The E-Commerce Industry is at an ALL time high! And guess what? It’s only going to get BIGGER! With so many new platforms that are constantly being created from Teespring, GearBubble, Represent, TeeChip, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Viral Style, Thread Me Up, Fabrily, SunFrog, Zazzle, Cafe Press, Canvus, Uber Prints, Custom Ink, etc, etc, etc…

The list goes on…Hundreds of marketers are now earning a full time income selling shirts on Facebook, and several of them have never even had any experience selling anything online before! Shirts will never be saturated as long as people continue to wear shirts.With Facebook Marketing and Social Media, it makes it easy for us marketers to take advantage of this opportunity!

The 7 Simple Steps to earn a consistent 6-Figure Income by selling t-shirts using Facebook Marketing.

• Discover the exact strategy that will allow you to look for high profitable niches that eager to buy your t-shirts. Pick the wrong niche and you will definitely lose money.
• Discover how to target on Facebook the “Correct” way to only target those who are eager to buy your t-shirts. If you do this right, you can literally get clicks for as low as 1 penny.
• Discover the secrets to creating top-selling designs and how to outsource the whole process.
• Discover the safe and most effective way to scale your campaigns when you find a winner.
• Discover how to set up your pixels and fan pages correctly to track all your sales and create “Re-Targeting” campaigns.
• Lastly, discover how to become an expert when it comes to Facebook marketing and generate tons of traffic on demand.
• Instant access to Peter’s Facebook Closed Mastermind group

As you can see from the overview above, Tee Marketing Academy is truly one of the most comprehensive course when it comes to Facebook marketing and selling t-shirts on Tee Spring.

The best part besides the course itself is the ability to join Peter’s Mastermind Group. Everyone in this group are students of Peters which means you can ask for help, share ideas and mastermind with other like-minded people.





T-Shirt Titan 2.0


T-Shirt Titan 2.0 consists of 6 software tools and hours of video training to dominate TeeSpring by advertising on Facebook. You get 2 new tools:

A tool to easily design new T-shirts based upon proven niches, professions and slogans (1-Click Designer) , and a tool to select the best segments to advertise to on Facebook (Social Formula Tool).

But you also get the 4 original software tools to: (1) Find niches and t-shirt designs on major platforms (Tee Searcher), (2) Generate t-shirt concepts from proven quotes/designs (Idea Maker), (3) Automatically design templates (Auto Designer) and (4) Facebook ad creation by using model images wearing t-shirts in beautiful background scenes (Auto Model tool).

It consists out of 2 new software tools and extra training:

  • 1-Click Designer. With this tool you can easily create your own T-shirt designs without any designer experiences needed. Just select your niche (over 100 niches to select from) and enter your keywords into the 4 selection boxes (profession, object, verb and adjective). Hit enter and you got a bunch of ready to upload T-shirts designs for selling on any T-shirt platform you want (TeeSpring).
  • Social Formula Tool. This is a great (adobe Air desktop) tool (for both PC and Mac) to easily select the best performing segments (age groups and gender) from your running Facebook ad campaigns. Hence you can adjust your ad campaign and focus solely on those high converting segments. With a few clicks you download your Facebook campaign report (as csv file), upload it into the software and see how your campaign performs in each gender/age segment. You can even render the formula yourself and change the rules/percentages or use your favorite currency.


What’s included with T-Shirt Titan 1.0?

  • The Tee Searcher that lets you find proven t-shirt designs on eBay, Zazzle, Facebook & many others.
  • The Idea Maker that auto generates over 100 proven design ideas in any niche in under 60 seconds.
  • The Auto Designer that automatically generates ready-to-upload PNG design images in seconds.
  • The Auto Model tool that lets you automatically create Facebook ad images that get dirt-cheap clicks.
  • Over 8 hours of Training videos, covering niche selection, finding designs and Facebook ads management.
  • A Quick Start Guide that shows you how to get started within minutes.


100 designs x 150 niches in 4 clicks


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