Group Traffic Profits


In this 3-Part Traffic System which (Includes Step-By-Step Video Training And TWO Software Apps That Make This Easier Than Ever you will discover:

Why Facebook groups are so powerful and how to get started as soon as today, The big mistake almost everyone makes when they try to use Facebook groups to generate traffic, and what we’re doing to overcome this mistake.Examples of actual campaigns and offers that have converted the best for us and what you should be looking for to get the maximum results

An over-the-shoulder look at EXACTLY how Brett was able to make $665 with just one Facebook post, and how you can “copy and paste” your way to the same results, The key to quickly getting a following and building your group even if you’re starting from ZERO right now… you don’t need a list or a reputation to generate hordes of traffic with Facebook.

How to manage your group and make as much money as possible in just a few short minutes per post, How others are building SIX FIGURE online businesses with just a Facebook group and how you can do the same… even if you have no prior experience,  Plus, a whole lot more.


  • Easily make professional-quality, viral images for FB
  • This easy-to-use tool comes with hundreds of great images, clipart, & templates, so it’s ready-to-go right away
  • All of thing inside is “drag & drop” easy, so you do not need any design skills or technical abilities to crank out awesome images in no time
  • Save hundreds of dollars when compared to hiring a graphic designer to create your FB image posts
  • Plus, no more waiting days for a designer to get back to you… you will have attractive posts with stunning images & graphics ready to go in minutes


-Affiliate offers


-Your own products

-Building a list

-Services you’re selling

-Even physical products

Facebook group traffic is some of the most highly-targeted traffic you will EVER get online.

Maker of Group Traffic Profits

The man behind this product is Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine). Mike is the famous internet marketers in the on-line marketing world. He & his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years. Mike is the man behind great products such as Mail It, Affiliate Income Secrets Launch, Video Takeover, Profit Canvas & many more successful digital product launches.



WP Social Traffic


Imagine being able to get 100 of visitors to your brand new site quickly.Imagine having the freedom to push one button and drive traffic to your site without having to pay for it ever again.Imagine being able to get traffic from ALL OVER THE WORLD, from the #1 Social Media site for FREE.

Imagine taking your sites to the next level – growing your traffic and commissions without waiting for rankings or backlinks to get you there.Imagine spending just minutes (instead of HOURS) adding new campaigns to drive FREE TRAFFIC to your site.

What would it feel like to have free traffic, flowing every single day to your niche site without having to do hard work.Think of getting more commissions, more sales and leads from all your sites.Imagine  making more and more money from your autopilot sites every single month.

With this software, you will get 100% real visitors from the number one social media site in the world –  Facebook. Promoting your content automatically on Facebook will drive REAL targeted people over to your site and make them take action.




The amount of traffic you can get depends on the number of fanpages you have selected during your campaign setup. More fanpages means more traffic but it all depends on the niche you are in and traffic varies for each niche. Going after something exciting where the audience is more passionate about will always get you better results.


Scratch Vidz Pro


Scratch Vidz is a brand new, revolutionary 100% automated sales machine that gives you the power to leverage social media, grab your visitor’s attention, keep them engaged so they buy from you at rapid speed.

You can leverage any video online and turn that into your own traffic building machine, getting you 200% increase in profits on complete autopilot.Instantly and easily create commission-generating viral videos that massive exposure and get shared like crazy.

Your visitors get content they LOVE, you get the leads… and the best part? It’s 100% FREE and AUTOMATED!Studies show that using video in your marketing is 100% more likely to increase your traffic, leads & sales, more than text or images.

And using the new Scratch Vidz technology makes it tons more easier!Scratch Vidz, effortlessly attracts REAL people in your niche with viral content, building trust and engagement with your audience at rapid speed getting you more profits on complete autopilot.

Your visitors get the perfect human-engagement that makes it brain-dead simple to trust you and take the action you want.Boosting your traffic, visitors, leads and sales has NEVER been this fast.


The benefits of keeping your viewers engaged is obvious. They are able to respond to your visual elements and call-to-actions, leadingto more leads and sales.So how do you increase your video engagement and get your audiences attention 100% of the time?

That’s where Scratch Vidz comes in.Scratch Vidz is a web-based solution that allows you fused gamification (scratch and win) cards over any video.Not only that, Scratch Vidz allows you to grow your following and build your list. Watch the DEMO:

This ultimately generates more leads and sales for you, while keeping prompting your viewers to take action it’s a completely new and revolutionary way for you to get more leads and sales with your videos.


FB Virtual Assistant


Facebook Auto Poster is a great way to automate your marketing efforts.  If you are an entrepreneur or a social media marketer, you clearly understand the importance of using automation to save time.

 If you are new to social media marketing, however, you may be unfamiliar with the concept.  This will be a brief overview of what is a Facebook auto poster, how and why you should use one to save time, and what to not do with one.

The first step you to automating Facebook group posting is the Group Gorilla. This feature allows you to target and find hundreds of groups in the Facebook world. All you have to do is type the keywords you want or upload a file with list of choice words. This feature is allowed to collect open groups, closed groups and groups you are a part of already.

Once you have your groups ready to go and targeted, with FB Virtual Assistant you simple join all those groups with a click of a button. Let it sit until its done. If the group is closed you will need to wait for the admin to accept you but party crasher will join groups for you on autopilot.

It’s time to start getting some Facebook traction. This feature is what allows you to post in Facebook groups on autopilot. Within the software there are settings that make sure you are not flagged by Facebook in any particular action so you can be sure that you are save at all times using this tool… if you don’t screw with the setting too much.

All in all FB Virtual Assistant is a great tool that you can use to post in groups, target members via ID’s and find targeted people that you can network with. Legally, there is no guarantee of any income results using this tool just like anything else you buy. But it is a great one time purchase that will save you time.

Creating a Do Not Post List is a crucial step and is a precaution you need to take in order to have the best chance of not getting blocked by Facebook.  You may belong to some groups that you like to interact in, but are not related to the product or service that you promote using an autoposter.

 In order to avoid annoying the members with posts that are not relevant to the mission of those groups, you need to create a list of groups that you don’t want to post to.  This can be done by downloading the group descriptions and reading through them to find and eliminate the ones that are not good candidates for auto posting.




ReddiTraffic is the world’s first standalone app that lets you quickly identify the most viral and popular content and then share this content on your blog, FB and Twitter feed. The entire process is hands off, so your content factory is doing all the hard work for you behind the scenes.

More online traffic goes to on a Daily basis, than LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, Craig’s List… Basically it’s one of the Most Popular sites in the World where the Highest Quality ‘Trending/Viral’ Content can be found.That’s why Reddit is known as ‘the Front Page of the Web’.

  • Leverage the World’s Largest Crowd Voted Content Source
  • Set and Forget Automation of Content
  • AI Intelligence Extracts Summary For WP Post
  • The Most Brainless Way to Build Your Social Authority

Very easy to link your FB, Twitter and WP Blogs to the software and then just specify the niche and let the software do the rest! It’ll find and post the best/hottest content from that niche from Reddit’s Highly Active platform, Dramatically Boosting up Your Engagement, Traffic and Profits! =)

AND ReddiTraffic has an Artificial Intelligence engine to reword posts for your WordPress Blogs especially, since that’s what Google Loves, Fresh Content. Google rewards your Blogs by ranking it higher in SEO results. =)Image

It’s completely Set & Forget and you can go off and run your business to it’s fullest while ReddiTraffic does all the work! =)

No more Wasting your Time & Money… while Boosting the Profits for ANY Marketing you do. An Engaged, Active Audience will check out your Marketing, and you don’t want it any other way..!

Using ReddiTraffic to automate your content posting is a painless process, as you have seen in the video above.Read on to discover more of what reddiTraffic can do for you.


The Traffic Kingdom


We have literally tried all the new so called “proven… Traffic Methods.Spending thousands in purchasing empty promises It just didn’t work for us. Finally we started getting down to the Basics and Mastered The 3 MAJOR Traffic Sources.

Which we have now Exposed Step-By-Step in order for You To Duplicate All our Hard Work in just a few hours.In this amazing blueprint we will Showing You How To Instantely Rank HIGH on YOUTUBE and drive Immense Amounts of Traffic To All Your Videos. Using Our Youtube Free Traffic Secrets.

Watch How You Can Start Crushing it with Facebook Using Our Proven Formula That Will Get You Laser-Targeted Leads  Using Either Free Or (cheap) Paid Methods, This Traffic Approach alone is Responsible Trillions Of Dollar In The Industry. Get Your Hands on your Fair Share Of The Pie.  Using Our Exact Blueprint To Start Dominating.

45 Minute Free 1-on-1 Consultation Call Showing You All The Ins and Outs  Of How To Guarantee a Consistent Stream of Online Income Today and finally the BEHIND THE SCENES WEBINAR ACCESS. Live Walkthrough Of How I Made My First $ 775,00 Online In Just a Few Days.


We strive to provide useful information for website owners, buyers, competitors and anyone else looking for estimated visitor quantities and web analytics. Search for any site or domain and you will get a traffic chart and much more.

Jollow Traffic Builder

The Philosophy of JOLLOW is very interesting perhaps for you as a professional of beginner might be so strange but it works for dynamic traffic and increasing sales.its all about CHALLENGE.s a website visitor or member, you could be getting value back by reading blogs, subscribing to newsletters, joining membership sites, and more. And by participating in Challenges at Jollow, we’ll share those opportunities with you. It’s time to get started These Challenges are really cool, and the concept is quite unique, so I wanted to share.If you spend time on the web, bouncing around websites…you won’t want to miss this. Basically, you take a Challenge, perform the required activities, and get something of value in return!And, you the possibilities seem pretty endless.Plain and simple, grab an account and take a look for yourself, then let me know what you think!It only takes a couple minutes. I’ve joined up with Jollow to integrate my websites,and I’m pretty pumped about it!Now I’ll be able to give back to my engaged audience very easily, tracking their performance, giving value directly to them individually.Own a website? Jump in! If you own a website, you can also join in on the fun,integrating with Jollow to boost activity, engagement,signups, sales, etc.. You do want that, right?What’s really cool about it is you can work with other website owners to cooperatively advertise one another in a fair manner…and it’s all in one place!Honestly, it just makes growing my website activity far easier and efficient.