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The amount of traffic you can get depends on the number of fanpages you have selected during your campaign setup. More fanpages means more traffic but it all depends on the niche you are in and traffic varies for each niche. Going after something exciting where the audience is more passionate about will always get you better results.



Viral Mailman

Join a fantastic new Viral Mailman! Join now and get in quick before everyone else! You get 1,000 credits, 1,000 banner, and 1,000 text impressions as soon as you join and log in!

You can join for free and immediately mail up to 1,000 members, but upgraded members get tons of benefits including up to 100% commissions on referral upgrades payable via Paypal

Below are three steps that you should follow to start using Viral Mailman and earn some commissions promoting it!

Step 1 – Visit our downline builder page and add your affiliate ids. These are other great mail programs you can use to start promoting your link here on Dr Safelist!Step 2- Visit the affiliate toolbox To help you make money by promoting Viral Mailman, I’ve created a ton of great marketing tools that you can find in the affiliate tool box – so you can get started right away!

So go there right now and send one of the professional email promotions to everyone you think would want to know about this great tool. Every person you refer will see the One Time Offer (the same one you saw when you joined) and they’ll have the chance to purchase it too. When they purchase the OTO, you’ll earn commissions on the sale … Just for copying and pasting some of our promotion tools!

Step 3 – Get Started With Viral Mailman!

Use the links in the navigation menu to send your first mailing. Don’t forget to add your banners and text links to the system too. If you need to reach us, just click the FAQs button and then click on the Ask Admin button there & we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Web Traffic Wildfire

Every single step of the process from start to finish is as important as the previous one if you’re going to have an effective traffic campaign, and that’s exactly what Web Traffic Wildfire is going to show you what to do.Not only will you get access to the recordings, we have transcribed every interview so you can get maximum value, REGARDLESS of your learning preference!   But that’s not all.

Everything from start to finish is covered in this quick fire PDF report to ensure you can get going STRAIGHT away. We have picked the golden nuggets from each interview and added them inside this quick-fire PDF so you can get going, even without listening to the interviews.

There is a lot of information when we are talking about 12 different, fully awesome discussions, so I’ve put together a step by step checklist so that you can stay on track and implement some of the key points to benefit quickly.

“Content is a king”. Although trends and Google algorithms go up and down all of the time, this is one that stays nice and constant. All the planning, marketing and digital networking in the world will not be able to save a site that has terrible content – or no content. In order for your site to thrive, you will need to provide creative, original content that people will want to engage with. One way to make sure that you are publishing interesting content is by doing a little market research in your niche area. Keep growing your knowledge and expanding your experience.



Ads Pay Pro

BANNER 468*60

Get your sites or your offers in front of thousands of eager buyers in a very short space of time at very reasonable rates.  At any point, value for money is always a prime concern. There is no point in going cheap for zero or little result. But also there is no point in paying over the top and wasting money. You have to hit that sweet spot, and we have it. Benefit from our very close partnership with our back-end network that will get your sites seen on a global platform.Building your business and growing your downline is easy. AdsPayPro just opened for pre-launch. We built it for dedicated hard working people who strive to step up the ladder. Its a system, almost a machine. It works if you do. If you dont, it will still work for you. And its open NOW. Interested? Click the link. Its so simple. Just sign in, surf and get paid. Huge Rebates on AdPack purchases. PLUS! Amazing, 10%, Referrers Commission!and Level Up Bonuses. DAILY cash outs! No waiting for days or weeks.Active and Passive, everyone helps everyone. No Experience or Referring Necessary.Fantastic Product – Advertising. Everyone needs it. Awesome Back-Office System, Top Tools. Our Tools are as follows: Premier display, captive and messaging based website traffic system, Traffic Exchange Start Pages, CPM/CPC Banner and Text Ads, Login, Interstitial Page Views, Pop-up/ Pop-Under displays, Captive Website Traffic, Solo Ads. Email Line and Rider Ads.




SocialSurf4U is a manual traffic exchange with over 26,000 members.As a member, you have the option to earn free traffic to your website by viewing other advertisers websites. For every one of the advertisers websites you view, you will earn credits. You then in turn use the credits you earn to advertise your websites. You can also win free advertising by playing games and taking part in special events and just being an all around active member. If you do not want to view websites or you do not have time to view websites you can buy quality website traffic and very affordable prices that fit anyone’s budget. We have thousands of potential customers just waiting to see your advertisements.You can target potential customers with full page ads, banner ads and more! Increase your traffic rank, build your brand and network with other members.You can start receiving high quality traffic in just a matter of minutes, just check out some of the people below that have already joined!


Social AD Surf

Tens of thousands of members already successfully advertise their businesses with us and get awesome results with Completely viral social media advertising.Its a unique custom game, specially created for our members to help them advertise and earn while relaxing and we have an amazing support, get in touch with the owners every evening in our webinars and ask your questions and Keep in touch with other members on our chat rooms; we are a big happy family here and we support and help each other.


Top Hits4U

TopHits4U is one of the biggest and most successful Manual Traffic Exchanges online with many ways to earn more for you click. Earn with surf bonuses such as GPowerSurf and NerdSurf! Using these bonuses combined with bonus prizes you can earn insane amounts of traffic in little time. Now TopHits4U is compatible across all device platforms. Receive traffic from all over the globe with this Manual Traffic system, delivered quickly directly to your sites. Many features such as Social Chat, Profile pages, a Private Message system keeps you engaged with the community.