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How to Stop Wasting Your Life Watching TV & Do Something Worthwhile With Your Downtime – Elizabeth Grace Saunders

You get home from work, eat dinner, clean up, flop on the couch, and doze off watching TV or mess with your phone. Then you repeat the same routine Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Before you know it, you’ve hit the weekend, and it…


Why You Should Be Glad to Sit in The Middle Seat – Samuel Engel

First of all, there never was a glamour age of air travel. Second of all, get over it. It’s the right thing for society. Let’s get the myths out of the way first. When we talk about how great air travel used to be,…

These Mother & Son Entrepreneurs Went From Selling Soap On Harlem Streets To An $850 Million Fortune – Madeline Berg

The courtship began in May 2017 over dinner at Casa Lever, an upscale Milanese restaurant on the first floor of a landmark Park Avenue skyscraper. Richelieu Dennis, the 49-year-old cofounder of Sundial Brands, had spent 20 years avoiding meals like this with the U.S….

Voice Recognition Is it Really As Secure As it Sounds – Rupert Jones

With millions of us accustomed to barking orders at Alexa and Siri, it’s probably not surprising that voice recognition services offered by banks and other organisations are taking off in a big way. It emerged this week that HM Revenue & Customs has so…

Beaches Getting Sand to Replace What Irma Washed Away – Larry Barszewski

More sand is on the way for beaches in south Broward County that took a hit from Hurricane Irma last year. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to spend $9.7 million in January to truck in and replenish about 123,000 cubic yards of…

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