Mind and The Radio Analogy

I happened to read an interesting piece of philosophy. As the time passed by with the dawn of the spring, it turned into an analogy between the mechanistic view and radio. Yep, a radio from the era gone by. To the younger generations who have been deprived of the charm of a radio, it is […] […]

The #1 Thing Fake News Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Marketing

(Source: http://www.inc.com) It might have won an election and disrupted public discourse, but the massive impact of fake news also has a critical lesson for entrepreneurs. And entrepreneur Larry Kim just showed us how. Kim, the founder of online advertising company Wordstream and current CEO of chatbot company MobileMonkey, recently ran a test to determine […]

Anxiety Coming Through

I’ve found this week such a struggle, like a real tough week. I’ve found it hard to even do basic things like brush my teeth or get dressed and that isn’t like me. I’ve had struggles with my sleep since I was a child, conditions have to be just so and now living with my…… via […]

A Few Things of Life

Dang. This week. It started for me in Vermont (which was so good! a report is coming!), and by the time I got home… Well, everything was horrible. Specifically: California is burning. And it’s happening just north of here, in places where we visit often, where we have friends who live and who have been […] […]

Friday’s Quick Pick/Poem: One Love, One Life, One God

Though health may elude me or riches arrive, betray and leave there is a wonder that visits with a whisper, a deep ease of life and folds me into gratitude like a cocoon; it generates courage and beauty that cannot wither. For still humanity dares to be humane, wild creatures birth and roam. Sun watches […] […]


Inspired by paper finger-trap toys and an aquatic creature, researchers have developed a pediatric surgical implant that is meant to grow along with the child, potentially decreasing the number of surgeries that young patients with heart valve defects must endure. Researchers from Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital described […] via […]