Bullet Viral Traffic – How To Get Massive TRAFFIC SPIKES Using Viral Content on Both Website & Social Channel to Bring Huge Traffic

With Bullet Viral Traffic you can Automatically find and post viral content multiple times a day so you can relax while your website works for you, Automate integration between Facebook and Twitter and your web site so all your marketing channels grow each other at the same time.Monetize traffic in any way you wish with easy integration of CPA and affiliate offers, sponsored posts, AdWords and much more. Automatically generate TARGETED content add both general AND niche focused so your audience begs for more…..

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SociVideoXpress Introduction Demo – Make Profit With Utilizing Amazon eCommerce Affiliate



If you are looking for stable online passive income and targeted fresh traffic at regular interval, Video Marketing is the fastest way to achieve your goal because HIGH-QUALITY VIDEOS is the most accessed content on the internet Today.

Earlier Marketers use to make videos for YouTube and Rank it for particular keywords to get passive income along with traffic. BUT With Facebook Video emerging as Giant power, It’s high time to Leverage advantage of abundant traffic on Facebook using Videos and Take Maximum Profits As It’s Still Untapped.

With VidKala you can Create Viral Fb Videos With Trending Hashtags For Any Keyword In Under 60 SECONDS To Get FREE Targeted Traffic.  Grow Your Fb Pages on Complete AUTOPILOT With Unlimited 100% REAL, Targeted FANS In Any Niche.

  1. Enter Keyword to Search videos on YouTube
  2. Schedule Bulk or Single Video Post
  3. Hit Publish – Your Fan Page video post and blog video post is ALL SET



Although VidKala is simple yet we have made a step by step traffic training to make you well versed with the tool and all features inside it.

Within 10-15 min, You’ll handle VidKala like pro having full control on software and knowledge of generating traffic.



Mega Traffic List


In such a BIG advertising world you need a MEGA solution to reach more prospects, generate more traffic and create more sales. Mega Traffic List is your solution!We have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to thousands of members.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Mega Traffic List will benefit you today:

* $150 worth of BONUS Advertising after signup

* Start emailing up to 2000 members immediately

* Earn viral traffic automatically

* Instant Commissions paid directly to you, for
all members

* Use credits to buy Solos! (Unique to this site)

2.jpgAt Mega Traffic List we have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to thousands of members. You can build a Mega Traffic List and earn Instant Commission at the same time, but only if you choose to promote the site!

Sign up for your free membership and receive $150.00 worth of advertising right now. We also have our own virtual currency, Megabuck$, that can be used to buy advertising not just at MTL, but other sites as well.When you join Mega Traffic List you immediately get traffic to promote your offers (by way of the site members).

In fact, you can start emailing up to 2000 members right away. If you wish to promote and refer new members you can earn instant commission, paid directly to you, on anyone you personally refer who upgrades or buys advertising.


List Nano


List Nano is a unique viral list builder that will allow you to turn any list into a BIG LIST. Designed to help members increase their traffic List Nano is a sure fire way to generate more leads, and sales for your business.

ListNano is growing at an extraordinary rate which will allow you to consistently reach new people every single day. We use a unique technique to always make sure you’re ads will be seen by new members joining.

How does ListNano work?

ListNano is designed around credits. Members use credits to place ads, and send out offers to our membership. Members earn credits by viewing your ads you place.

This means you can guarantee your ads will be seen by someone since members will earn credits for viewing them. The more credits a member earns the more people they can reach with there offer.

Now we offer a number of ways for you to market your website. You can post banner ads, text links, solo ads, login ad, and even email your offer to random members of ListNano.

Members who take our affordable upgrade option will get extra perks. Upgraded members can mail more often, and can reach a larger target audience. Plus they get free bonus ads, and will also receive insider secrets to marketing, and how to build a profitable online business.

Start getting more traffic to your website.

* Email thousands of people daily for free
* Post banners ads
* Post text ads
* Post login ads
* Send solo ads
* Earn money

Viral Lead Builder


What if you could super charge your list building?Well I’m here today to tell you  about a awesome new site I created called Viral Lead Builder.This is a unique site that will allow you to get free traffic and have all your referrals send their 1st 4 signups to join YOUR LIST first before they can experience the power of Viral Lead Builder themselves.

Check out viral lead builder Imagine having 2 people turn into 8 new leads to your list. Then those 8 turn into 32 new leads and so on…This is the VIRAL EFFECT and it’s POWERFUL.

> Earn up to 50% commissions

> Get VIRAL traffic

> No emails from members AT ALL

> Your referrals 1st 4 signups join YOUR list first!

> Simple & Easy To Use System

This works with ANY autoresponder


Step 1. Click on the “Edit My Details” button to upload your photo and to add your Autoresponder code.


Make sure your redirect URL is set to:


So the signup process works flawlessly. If you have doubts, contact us.

If you need help with adding your Autresponder code please watch the video under Tutorials. You can also read our Quick Start PDF guide.

If you upgraded to an Elite, JV Partner, Reseller or Founding Member, you will also go here to edit your “Exit Pop URL” and other details. You can also go here to change your password.

Step 2. Click on the “Setup Ads” button to Get FREE Advertising!

All new members get 1 banner ad with 10K impressions & 1 text ad with 10k impressions!

In this section is where you’ll redeem the promo code: newmember

This is also where you setup your banner ads, text ads and login ads.

You can also go here to trade in your credits for free advertising or to buy additional advertising.

You can earn credits by clicking on the banner ads and text ads.

Step 3. Click on the “Affiliate Tools” button to grab promotional material including your referral URL. Refer others to earn cash when your referrals upgrade! No SPAM will be tolerated.

Step 4. Click on “Support” if you need help with anything. Make sure to include your username when you submit a support ticket and allow up to 24hrs for us to get back to you.

  • Buy Solo Ad Clicks

Solo ads a great way to get more traffic. They are fast and can get you a TON of traffic, leads, and sales. Most people will sell unique clicks usually anywhere from .35 to .50 per click.

The price of buying a solo ad will depend on a few things. The quality of the list and of course how many unique clicks you’d like to purchase. You might think paying .35 or .50 per click sounds like a lot of money, but these are unique clicks and very high quality.

I’ve gotten some of my best results from buying unique solo ad clicks.

I’ve put together a list of solo ad sellers that you can use to purchase solo ads from and promote your Viral Lead Builder website and build your list super quick.

Click here to download my solo ad sellers list

  • Safe-Swaps

Safe Swaps is a great site that I love to use to help build my list and generate new fresh leads. This site is also great for connecting with other like minded internet marketers. You’ll also fine people on the forms that will sell very cheap solo ads.

The main feature of Safe Swaps is the ability to swap clicks with other marketers. You can also buy solo ads, and you can even sell solo ads if you’d like to other members.

You’ll be able to search for people to do swaps with, and once you fine someone you’d like to swap with you just request a swap with them. If they accept they will send your ad out to their list and in return you’ll do the same for them.


This is great for any size list you might have as they put everyone into their own class based off the size of your list so you’ll always swap with people that have the same list size as you do.

So even if your list is 200 people or 50,000 you can find people to swap with.I usually like to queue up about 10 swaps a month myself. This helps me not only build my list, but it also provides me with something to mail to my list on days I don’t have anything to send out.



Drag’n Drop Boss


With Drag ‘n Drop Boss you will Use OTHER PEOPLE’S training videos with YOUR call to action in pre-roll videos, text and image banners. It’s a new, simple and highly effective way to make affiliate income. Both front end and back end visual editing. Create sales pages, opt-in pages and all other pages in no time with templates, and edit them visually with point-and-click drag-and-drop.

With awesome full-screen animated opt-ins, creating massive mailing lists has never been this easy. All major autoresponder services supported. All you need to survey your market, and present, promote and deliver digital products, while protecting them against unauthorized downloads.Sell awesome full-screen animated online presentations, for webinars and live audiences, as well as auto-running demos and promos.

No businesses get far without knowing their market. You won’t believe how easy it is to make surveys and quizzes, even with conditional branching, all with drag and drop. The results are collated and presented. With the ability to create video playlists in minutes, it’s a matter of rounding up popular YouTube videos, and social sharing does the rest.  Every video in a playlist can have its own pre-roll video ad, text ad and image banner ad  with clickable call-to-action links.


Facts Supporting Drag ‘n Drop Boss

  • Drag ‘n Drop Boss 2 introduces the simple and clever new way to make the killing as an affiliate by using OTHER PEOPLE’S training videos.
  • If you were to purchase the PREMIUM plugins that ship with Drag ‘n Drop Boss separately, you’d be paying well over $200.
  • When it comes to presenting, promoting and delivering digital products, people needlessly waste money subscribing to expensive multiple tools and services, and waste time learning all of their diverse interfaces… whereas a single WordPress theme with integrated plugins like Drag ‘n Drop Boss does everything they need – via simple to use point-and-click drag-and-drop interface.
  • Up until now, for WordPress users the only way to present, market and deliver digital products was to buy the diverse set of tools, plugins and themes, learn different interfaces for each of them, battle compatibility problems, and have inconsistent-looking pages as a result.


Sales pages and opt-in pages can easily devour 90% of your time – unless you use proven high-converting templates like the ones that come with Drag ‘n Drop Boss.Most effective sales pages and opt-in pages are distraction-free. A WordPress platform like Drag ‘n Drop Boss, which gives you structured and optimized templates that completely eliminate any distractions, goes a long way towards building your list fast and making plenty of sales.

Will a product be a bestseller or a flop? The best way to consistently turn out top-valued products is to survey your prospects. What’s more, the best way to promote any product is to use the words of the prospects themselves from the survey and turn them into your marketing messages. Creating even the most complex surveys with Drag ‘n Drop Boss is a breeze.


Viral Mailman

Join a fantastic new Viral Mailman! Join now and get in quick before everyone else! You get 1,000 credits, 1,000 banner, and 1,000 text impressions as soon as you join and log in!

You can join for free and immediately mail up to 1,000 members, but upgraded members get tons of benefits including up to 100% commissions on referral upgrades payable via Paypal

Below are three steps that you should follow to start using Viral Mailman and earn some commissions promoting it!

Step 1 – Visit our downline builder page and add your affiliate ids. These are other great mail programs you can use to start promoting your link here on Dr Safelist!Step 2- Visit the affiliate toolbox To help you make money by promoting Viral Mailman, I’ve created a ton of great marketing tools that you can find in the affiliate tool box – so you can get started right away!

So go there right now and send one of the professional email promotions to everyone you think would want to know about this great tool. Every person you refer will see the One Time Offer (the same one you saw when you joined) and they’ll have the chance to purchase it too. When they purchase the OTO, you’ll earn commissions on the sale … Just for copying and pasting some of our promotion tools!

Step 3 – Get Started With Viral Mailman!

Use the links in the navigation menu to send your first mailing. Don’t forget to add your banners and text links to the system too. If you need to reach us, just click the FAQs button and then click on the Ask Admin button there & we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

My Viral MailBox


If You’re Not Using Viral Mailers You’re Leaving 100’S And 1000’S Of Subscribers And Referrals On The Table.Viral Mailers Work. Yep! You Betcha Bottom Dollar They Do!

My Viral Mailbox is powered by the new and revolutionary LFMVM Script that is designed to SHAKE UP and ENERGIZE the Viral Mailer Industry!

* If you are looking for ACTIVE members…
* Members that ACTUALLY read your solo ads…
* Looking to create your OWN list…
* Quality visitors to your website…
* Be rewarded with cash and prizes…
* Earn commissions — even for FREE members…

Signup for your F.R.E.E Membership today and receive the following monthly benefits… ALL FOR F.R.E.E….Get in early to take advantage of crazy pre-launch pricing and specials.

* Mail 1x everyday
* 10 Credits Per Click
* 1000 Bonus Credits Per Month
* 250 Banner Impressions Per Month
* 250 Text Ad Impressions Per Month
* Up to 60% Commissions On Referral Purchases
* Schedule Your Mailings




We have already done all of the work for you. We created the product, we created all the promotional materials you see below, just use the banner ads to post to your blog and websites .Send the emails to your subscribers and members and you will be making money promoting this great product in no time.

Owned by Robert Puddy and Sunny Suggs, there’s no doubt that this Viral Mailer will be on the cutting edge.Here’s just some of the things you’ll get as a free member – You can mail up to 1000 members per mailing, Mail ALL of your downline free, 10% commissions on all sales, 5% of your downline’s credits, Mail every 5 days and earn points to get credits at hundreds of other traffic sources, Much, much more.

Upgraded benefits include mailing every day, 30k credits per month, 50% commission – the list goes on and on. No matter what you’re promoting, the MFR Viral Mailer can turn your emails into real targeted visitors.

MFR has a responsive list of members sitting at their desk just waiting to read your emails. and thats why all us members (ME INCLUDED) enjoy higher than average CTR’s. MFR Viral mailing technology will give you the power to broadcast your message quickly to responsive marketers and consumers and then get on with your day.And best of all it’s FREE!