Converzly – ALL-IN-ONE Website Builder With Top Converting, Automated Copy & Premium Hosting

Converzly includes an impressive library of over 30, proven-to-convert page templates.You’ll never need to guess if your page will convert more prospects into leads and buyers … these templates have been created by industry-leading copywriters and designers.

Your Converzly pages include graphics & images, but you can customize anything you want. True Drag and Drop editor lets you move, replace and change any element ANYWHERE on your pages. Add video, exit pop-ups, countdown timers and testimonials from INSIDE the dash.


Choose from the INCLUDED Converzly premium hosting …HTML export to upload to your own site …Or use the included plugin to upload to your WordPress site. Converzly’s been built from the ground up with one goal -to give you an UNFAIR conversion advantage.

It’s the first website page builder that includes a next generation copy creator – that’s right, Converzly doesn’t just build pages … it can also write your copy for you.

As part of the Ads agency we have hundreds of clients who need us to create, set up and edit sales pages, landing pages, training pages and with converzly we’re able to save thousands of hours a year on creating and testing these pages, BUT that’s not the best part as, they are tested to convert we’re making more money quicker than using a traditional platform. Out clients love us


The Importance of Responsive Website Design

So, you’re considering purchasing a new website for your business, you’ve heard the term “responsive” mentioned a few times, but why is it so important? Top 10 Website Hosting share the stats you need to know in this infographic. The post The Importance of Responsive Website Design: The Stats You Need to Know [Infographic]…

via The Importance of Responsive Website Design: The Stats You Need to Know [Infographic] — Red Website Design Blog

Alpha Networks PBN


Building out PBNs or private networks has always been a challenge with so many things to take care of from purchasing aged or expired domains, adding different registration details for each, getting class c hosting, adding unique themes and templates redirecting the old backlinks from the domain to the home page or recreating those pages that had backlinks before and it was time consuming, painful and very, very expensive.

Even worse was that after you built your PBN network it was not task to manage the network or to post into the sites easily. In fact many people got to this stage and gave up or spent a fortune hiring VA’s to take care of the network management and posting.

Recently we have seen a lot of discussion on whether SEO is dead, and digging deeper the questions were often coming round to whether PBN’s (private blog networks) were dead too now.The answer to both questions is emphatically NO!SEO is still the best way to get free targeted traffic, but the goal posts have been moved several times and some new factors come into play for 2017.

The Solution is : Alpha Networks and it will allow you:

  • Add Expired Domains In Seconds By Simply Adding The Domain URL, Title, Description and Meta Tags.
  • Choose The Type Of Site You Want
  • Blogs, Video Sharing Sites, Social Bookmark Sites
  • Random Templates and Themes Are Created On The Fly By The Alpha Networks system
  • Web App To Manage Sites
  • Desktop Tool To Post Into The Sites
  • Work within group networks (OTO1 version)
  • Check if the sites are still indexed or deindexed in one click
  • Instantly index and ping new posts
  • Bulk posting with Scheduler
  • Work with a tiered linking system
  • Add Up To 50 Domains (More With OTO’s)
  • Local SEO Strategies and Google Maps Built In

Most of us have tried to generate free traffic and often we come up with the same reasons for failing. Traditionally the GURU training goes like this,…

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Run Keyword research tools to find easy to rank keywords.
  • Get content created to create blog posts and affiliate reviews.
  • Get Backlinks From The Latest, Greatest SEO Trick & Watch the money roll in!

Well, we all know thats not so easy as it sounds and that’s exactly what Anthony Hayes has been looking at over the past few months, and he has come up with an ingenious shortcut that not only takes away the guesswork, but he has created a tool that can build out sites fast and designed to build quality backlinks for you fast, low cost and easy to post into, even if your not that into SEO!


Backlinks are still at the heart of getting rankings and free traffic and this system is newbie friendly and designed to avoid the common mistakes that people make when they do not know what they are doing.

Anthony will be doing a pre launch webinar on the 21st January at 9am and he will show you his latest new tool and the built in strategy that can cut out wasted time, money and end frustration with his new system which he has literally thrown out the rule book on how to get free traffic and tossed aside recent SEO and Ranking fads to create something that works 100% of the time and will continue to work forever!



BuilderAll Internet Marketing Platform

1.jpegMost of your customers; especially small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other services providers who have developed their business without using the internet, prefer to pay third parties to cater to their internet marketing needs rather than “getting their own hands dirty”. That’s good news for you!

This is yet another opportunity to further enhance your earning possibilities and make this business your main source of income. By mastering our tools you will be able to offer complete developmental and internet marketing services to your clients.

We are proud to have helped more than 250 Designers and Web Agencies build profitable and sustaintable brands with almost zero cost and unlimited clients.The BuilderAll White Label, adapts to your level of knowledge and expertise, making it perfect for entrepreneurs with little, medium, or massive experience on the internet.

For all of your potential consumers who need an online presence, high results, and sales strategies such as Optimized Websites, Responsive Blogs, Intuitive Email Marketing Systems, SEO, Tactical Videos, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Virtual Stores and etc

With our smart designs, you will not need to rely on outsourced labor to boost conversions and grow your online business. Just select from hundreds of our mobile-friendly websites, sales funnels, lead capturing tools, Facebook integrations, videos, and much more, and give your business the exposure deserves.

It isn’t everyday that we witness something incredible happening. Especially when it directly impacts our business; In this case YOUR BUSINESS! BuilderAll is bringing the most complete solution in the entire world for your digital marketing.What you have in this platform is INSANE, just check it out:

  • Drag & Drop cutting edge Site builder with hundreds of applications and templates. Connect unlimited domains and Create unlimited pages!
  • Email Marketing/Automation platform with 10.000 leads & unlimited email sending quota.
  • Optin pages, Sales pages, 2 Step optin pages, Smart optin plugin, Blogs…
  • Ios Android App Builder – Unlimited
  • Animated Videos Creator – Unlimited
  • Floating Videos Creator – Unlimited
  • Mockups Design Studio – Also unlimited
  • Facebook Integrations – Unlimited apps, Unlimited notifications, and Unlimited leads.
  • Browser notifications – Unlimited campaigns, leads, and notifications.
  • Members Area
  • Click Map tool, Seo Tool, Presentation Builder, Email Responsive Builder and much more. You really have to check it out


What You’ll Learn In My BuilderAll Review

  • What is BuilderAll and why should you care
  • Everything you get with BuilderAll
  • BuilderAll pros and cons
  • How much BuilderAll costs
  • How BuilderAll works
  • A detailed overview of BuilderAll

What You Get With BuilderAll

Here is a list of the main features of the BuilderAll platform:

  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains
  • Autoresponder with a 10,000 Leads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10GB of Disk Storage
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • APP Builder
  • Video Builder
  • Floating Video
  • Click/Heat Map Tool
  • Facebook Integration APPs
  • Facebook Inbox Answer
  • Share Locker
  • E-Learning
  • Presentation Builder
  • SEO Report Tool
  • Browser Notification
  • Hundreds of Tutorials + Forum Support




Are you like me and struggling with how to create top-quality web graphics to promote your latest and greatest product?You know that you need top quality design templates to use.This system was designed for everyone, from the greenest Internet Marketer to the List Building Expert. AdKreator even hosts all your work on their blazing fast server! AdKreator makes you feel like a professional designer. That’s not marketing fluff, I challenge you to see it for yourself!You really don’t need to read the rest of this email. If you understood the power of this idea, you would click this link and put the AdKreator system to the test today.  You know the Secrets to Advertising Success and AdKreator Delivers! Industry experts always push three key points for advertising in Traffic Exchanges.BUILD A LIST. Wow how many times have you heard the money is in the list? Now how many times have those same people told you just use a system and you’ll have a massive list only to find out 3,000 other people are using their same exact looking squeezepages?adKreator’s got you covered! You can now use their system and our “secret design weapon” to get skyrocketed results. Not only can you design custom looking pages, Justin has included a unique drag and drop opt-in form tool. No longer are you stuck with a boring generic squeezepage that forces you to have an optin box in a certain spot. Just enter your auto responder code, drag and drop and WHAM!A one of a kind, fully hosted squeezepage you can start using immediately!BRAND YOURSELF. You have to get your name and your photo out there. I’ve used templates and other services only to get the same looking page as everyone else using them.You’d have to be a designer to make those products and in some cases you can’t do anything to standout other then adding your picture and name. Justin has made it so simple to standout in a crowd. I had full control of where I wanted my photo, name and content. It was so easy I created my first, fully hosted splashpage within the first 5 minutes of using the system! PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS. With AdKreator you can start with a professionally designed template, add your own custom images or use the ones included inside the designer. You don’t have to download an add-on graphics package just re-upload them into your design.The best part is all the images they provide have transparent backgrounds. This really made a huge difference to me.You don’t need a four-year degree or four-figure software to kreate! AdKreator allows anyone to be a designer and create top-quality promotions. If you can navigate the web, point, click, drag and drop you have what it takes.


Product Creation Design Service


What if there were a completely “Done For You” sales funnel creation service by a proven team of designers and writers that would create your sale funnel for less than you could outsource it on your own.We’ll do all of the design work for your sales page, JV invite page, and membership website using your existing sales copy. This is great if you’re looking to spice up an old sales page or you have a copywriter of your own that you’re already working with. You’ll get converting sales copy and design for your sales page, JV invite page, and membership website. When you choose this option, we do all of the heavy lifting for you and you know you’ll sale copy and design that will seduce your visitors into clicking the “Buy Button” on your sales page.If you’re like many marketers, you may have decided to write your own sales copy or even handle your own design.There’s nothing wrong with this, but unless you’re a professionally trained graphic designer or sales copywriter, you may be missing out on some conversions














A WP Theme That Lets You Launch Your Site In Minutes… Plus LIMITLESS Design Possibilities

Until now, you’ve had two main choices for WP Themes:

  1. Themes with quick setup, but that offer limited customization.
  2. Themes with tons of customization, but that take weeks to launch.

You’re no longer have to choose between fast setup and full customization!
With Omnipress, you can start making sales or attracting customers today…and then use our limitless customization options to optimize your site and maximize your online income!

Omnipress is a fully responsive, SEO optimized, touch screen ready WordPress theme. A sharp, elegant design, and full WooCommerce integration make it the perfect choice to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Omnipress is Perfect For Any Website

Now you can create almost any kind of pages and websites for your business inside WordPress
Business Owners & Marketers: build high converting landing page and sales page.

Bloggers: build professional blog that makes others envy.

You can too create eCommerce site with Omnipress.

Offliners: Charge thousands to your clients with this theme. Your clients will love it and be satisfied with it.

This is multi-purpose theme and it works with any niche and a whole LOT more…

Omnipress Corporate

Omnipress Offers limitless Design Possibilities

It doesn’t matter if your site sells a product, finds new clients, or just attracts readers – the right layout can make it more successful. That’s why Omnipress offers you LIMITLESS customization options. Whatever results your site is seeking, Omnipress can help you maximize them.

With Omnipress You Can Launch Your Marketing Page Today!

Remember, with Omnipress you can launch your website in minutes, then optimize it to be the most effective site possible. No more wasting countless hours with confusing WordPress Themes, or forking over $1,000 to designers.