WP Site Guardian


WP Site Guardian is a full featured WAF (Web Application Firewall) which protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks – exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses in programming that exists across 10,000+ plugins and themes and new ones are discovered and published daily.

They make up 92% of all attacks on WordPress sites so should be the #1 priority for any security solution. A hacker can compromise a site in using an exploit in seconds no matter what security product you are running – yes you can get hacked even behind Cloudflare, the best host and the best security services/plugins no matter how much money you pay.

we released WP Site Guardian (December 2015) and called BS on the whole WP Security industry who were sitting pretty taking money from clients and doing a shoddy job of protecting websites.WP Site Guardian Protects against all common attack vectors including:

– In URL execution break-ins

– In Form execution break-ins

– XSS Attacks

– SQL Injection

– Header Injection

– Directory Traversal




This is where we kick our competitors arse even more… A standard WAF firewall only offers reactive protection – we felt that this is like trying to plaster over a leak – it works…. but it’s better to prevent problems as best as possible.In the Developers Edition we’ve added pro-active protection.

This upgrade scans all your themes and plugins on a daily basis and compares these with a real time active database of known vulnerabilities (we pay for this service hence we charge an annual fee) – it automatically emails the webmaster if a threat is found so you can take action and eliminate the risk manually.

We’ve gone one step further we also connect your site to a REAL TIME known scumbag list, these are bad bots, fake search engines, known site attackers, site scrapers, known brute force attackers + more ….

Shields up was developed to make your sites run in “stealth mode” – clearing all the critical information that WP broadcasts by doing so it reduces the risk of hack attacks by up to 95%

Hackers simply get bored  and move on to an easier target another amazing pro-active defense tool in our toolbox.This is a lot more invasive so it requires a good quality hosting setup – the plugin will detect inferior hosting configurations.



Blog Defender


Blog Defender is a full system to protect your WordPress sites against hackers and other risks. It comes with 7 videos about the basics and more advanced tips how to use 3 WordPress plugins to fully protect your sites.

As there are thousands of WordPress blogs hacked every day, this package is a must have for everyone who wants to be sure that a (brute force) hackers attack has less change to succeed. And even more important, in case you are hacked or a new plugin messed up your blog, you can restore your blog in minutes without losing all relevant data and time to recover.

It is a very easy WordPress plugin to use. It’s just one plugin and you can install and use it within seconds. It costs $97.00 per year.With Blog Defender, you’ll use 3 plugins. And you’ll learn way more about what the actual risks are and you’ll discover several ways to protect your site.

Blog Defender goes into much more detail and gives you more choices .WP Security Hero is more for bloggers who don’t want to know about all the technical details, but just want to be protected in the shortest time as possible.To say it in percentages.

With WP Security Hero, you’ll we protected 95% better than all the blog owners. With Blog Defender 99% better (if you follow all the prescriptions).


Main features of Blog Defender

3 WordPress plugins:

  • Automated Backups. Discover how to automate and schedule your backups as professionals do.
  • WP Security. With this plugin and the videos you’ll be fully protected.
  • WP Scan & Repair. Find and remove malware and other bad files/open doors.

And 7 videos:

  • Video Module #1 Preparation. What’s the best hosting. How to protect your files at home and what’s the best way to install your WordPress plugins.
  • Video Module #2 Backup WordPress. What’s the best place for your backups? How to run your backups and schedule them automatically.
  • Video Module #3 Security Plugin Setup. Learn how to setup all your settings for the best security.
  • Video Module #4 Scan WordPress for Malware. Learn how to use, setup and schedule WordFence for scanning your files for malware and infected files.
  • Video Module #5 Hide your WordPress vulnerabilities. Hide your login area and change the admin user, content directory and database prefix.
  • Video Module #6 Lockdown WordPress. Use two factor login and captcha’s, randomise WordPress salts and use the proper WordPress passwords.
  • Video Module #7 Defend WordPress with a Firewall. Protect your site against Brute Force Attacks and keep intruders away.


Web Copy Guard

This page is protected by our Web Copy Guard software.The software stops all page content being copied onto the Windows Clipboard, making it much more difficult to steal the content.

This protection has other advantages too, potentially increasing website traffic automatically.

And now you can easily apply this same protection to all your sites and blogs – instantly with almost zero effort

Boosts Traffic Automatically

As well as protecting your content from being copied onto other websites and blogs, Web Copy Guard has a secondary benefit.

Tests have shown that a significant percentage of visitors who like your content will copy content to the Windows Clipboard and then send the content to their friends in an email.

This process is not actually harmful to your website in any way. But it does lose you potential traffic.If the visitor sent their friends a link to your website instead, you would benefit from additional traffic when the friends visited your website.

With Web Copy Guard, visitors are prevented from copying your content – and the popup asks the visitor to share your sites web address instead.

Protect Against Source Code Copying

Most people who want to copy your content will just copy it directly from the page.

But some people will instead view the source code of the page and then copy the content.

It’s not possible to actually prevent people viewing the source code of a web page, so you cannot actually block them from copying content in this way.

But you can include a prominent message in the source code to make sure that anyone viewing the source code knows that it is illegal to copy the content.

Web Copy Guard can optionally add such a message to the source code of your page automatically.

The message is in the form of an HTML comment, so will not be visible when viewing the page in a web browser (it is only visible when viewing the source code of the page).

The message should also be ignored by all search engines (which should just skip over HTML comments).

If you want to see this message, just view the source code of this page (just right click anywhere on the page and then select “View source“).

You’ll see a prominent message in the source indicating that the content is copyrighted and must not be copied.

Protect Noscript Browsers

Almost all Internet users have “Javascript” enabled in their browsers. Javascript is enabled as standard in all browsers. Only advanced users even know what Javascript is, so most people would never even consider disabling it.

A lot of websites, including major sites like YouTube don’t work at all if Javascript is not enabled. But a very small percentage of people may disable Javascript in their browsers.

The Web Copy Guard code that blocks copying relies on Javascript.So if Javascript is disabled in a visitor’s browser, the feature will not work.

To provide some protection in this case, Web Copy Guard can (optionally) add a bright red message at the bottom of the web page, telling visitors that all content is copyrighted and must not be copied.

This message only appears when the browser has Javascript disabled, so few (if any) of your visitors will ever see the message.But it provides valuable protection for those few visitors that have disabled Javascript.

Easily Protect Your WordPress Blogs

Web Copy Guard includes a plugin for use on WordPress blogs. You use the special tool shown below to create your plugin:

You can set the message shown in the popup when a visitor tries to copy your content. You can also select whether to include the source code protection and the noscript protection.

Click the Create button and the tool will instantly create the plugin.Upload the plugin to your blog along and activate it like any other plugin.Every page of your blog will then be protected automatically.

Easily Protect Ordinary (HTML) Websites

You can also easily protect ordinary websites consisting of HTML pages (pages with file names ending in .htm or .html). Use the special tool shown below to create your script:

You can set the message shown in the popup when a visitor tries to copy your content.

You can also select whether to include the source code protection and the noscript protection. Click the Create button and the tool will instantly create the script

Upload the script to your web host. All the pages on your website will then be protected automatically, including the copy protection, optional source code protection and optional noscript protection.

It really is that simple. You don’t even need to modify your web pages.index

Web Copy Guard provides a quick and easy, “set and forget” fix that can be applied to any site or blog in seconds and it can even help boost your traffic too.With all these benefits, you might expect to pay a lot for this software.