WP Site Guardian

WP Site Guardian is a full featured WAF (Web Application Firewall) which protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks – exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses in programming that exists across 10,000+ plugins and themes and new ones are discovered and published daily. They make up 92% of all attacks on […]

Blog Defender

Blog Defender is a full system to protect your WordPress sites against hackers and other risks. It comes with 7 videos about the basics and more advanced tips how to use 3 WordPress plugins to fully protect your sites. As there are thousands of WordPress blogs hacked every day, this package is a must have […]

Web Copy Guard

This page is protected by our Web Copy Guard software.The software stops all page content being copied onto the Windows Clipboard, making it much more difficult to steal the content. This protection has other advantages too, potentially increasing website traffic automatically. And now you can easily apply this same protection to all your sites and […]