WP Tag Machine – How To Skyrocket The Visibility Of Your Content In Google With Tagging Blast

WP Tag Machine is like a tag machine that finds you hundreds of highly relevant tags for your blog posts and content. You just need to add in one click, then get 100+ of high rankings in search engines. It works in three easy steps: Step 1: Enter one keyword that is relevant to your […]

WP Dev Suite ULTIMATE – Discover The Biggest & Easiest WP Plugin Development Platform

This cool platform has literally turned code upside down and made it easier then ever! Allowing People with ZERO experience to become seasoned software developers – Allowing them to make a full time income from monetising the software craze! WP Plugin Boss allows anyone to enter the software market instantly by creating their very own […]

WordPress Success – Discover The 10-Step Guide To Creating Your First Site Using WordPress

This product isn’t just another “101 tips” type of eBook; it’s a full-blown course containing supplemental cheat sheets, mindmap and resources so that your customers can take action on the course, rather than leaving it to collect dust. And don’t forget, it’s all done for you! It’s not just another eBook filled with theory and […]

MySQL Tutorial – How to setup and communicate with cPanel MySQL Database and HTMl to PHP Tutorial

Donate: Learn the basics using cPanel to create a MySQL database, and then use PHP to insert data into it from a HTML form. Basic knowledge required with PHP and HTML…should be pretty straight forward to get the basics started.source via MySQL Tutorial – How to setup and communicate with cPanel MySQL Database and HTMl to […]

WordPress Marketing Explained-Used By Growing Numbers

  WordPress Marketing Explained-Used By Growing Numbers One of the finest things you can utilize for the success of your online company is WordPress marketing. WordPress got its start in 2003, and was utilized primarily by blog writers. WordPress has actually altered web marketing by making it much easier for individuals to rapidly set up sites.… […]

VidSitePro – How WP Platform Builds INSTANT 1‐Click SEO‐Optimized Video Sites That Get You Traffic | Online Marketing Tools

With this amazing app you Can Now Press A Simple Button And Instantly Get Your OWN Fully Automated Video Marketing System That Gets You more Traffic, More Leads and More Sales, without ever having to waste money on setting up your site, buying an expensive theme or paying for content It is acomplished in three […]

TigerPress – Drag & Drop WordPress Themes With 50+ Business Content Elements & Twitter Card Generator | Online Marketing Tools

Build Thousands of targeted seo optimized pages using all the towns and cities your client wants to target with their service in a couple of clicks. You also get our SEO Ninja Tools software to help track your local seo campaigns, and Much More Create Thousands of targeted product pages using all the long tail […]

WP Optimiser Agency License – How To Optimise Your Site & Diagnose Issues in a Few Clicks

This plugin does real time connection quality tests to all continents and notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up. This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware and bad server locations and poor peering arrangements at data centers. Your site operates best […]

WP Coursify – How To Sell Courses From Publishing Course Tool To Gain Customers

You can easily publish courses with a simple laptop and put it all together in a couple days. You don’t even need to be an expert, you just need to know something that a lot of people want to learn. That’s it. ​Don’t have any courses, no problem, you can buy PLR (private label rights) […]

WP Messenger Plugin

WP Messenger Plugin is a unique software that combines the newly released Facebook Messenger Live Chat for sites with chatbots. There is one big advantage of using WP Messenger a vistor does not have to leave your Site! You can See it right here the Messenger LiveChat option is there and it pulls your attention. […]

WP Crypto Cash – How To Build Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Without Investing or Risking A Cent

WP Crypto Cash offers your website visitors rewards (any kind of downloadable goods, or anything you can deliver via html) in exchange for letting you use a small portion of their CPU (computer processing power) to mine coins. It’s Easy and Can Be Working On Your Blog, Earning You Crypto Coins Minutes From Now. We’ve […]

WP Blazer Suite – Set & Forget WordPress Site Management With Instant Site Security

WP Blazer Suite is the latest version of a famous WordPress-managing application designed for marketers. It has a simplified dashboard so that the users can become familiar with all of its features in a short time, without any requirements or experience. Similar to its predecessor, the software is cloud-based, it also lets the user update […]

CTA Wiz Call To Action Features

CTA Wiz is a 12 in 1 Plugin that helps turn average visitors into leads and clicks. The software has Compelling CTAs that Bring Life into ANY Webpage and flood you with Leads AND Cash. It grabs visitors attentions in All in One Call to Action Plugin That Ethically forces visitors to engage. Fully Optimized […]

Petes WordPress SEO Blog Creator

To date we are sending tons of powerful links to our own websites while ranking our Google Properties..Now we’ve added MORE social signals into the mix. Check out Petes latest video where he shows you why WordPress Blogs rank so strong in Google by adding these extra social signals to your own website will help […]

WP Content Discovery – Best Choice For Autopilot Content Traffic

Setting up WP Content Discovery is extremely simple, it will take you just 16 seconds to download, 29 seconds to install and activate, and up to 45 seconds more to customize it, and you will start getting traffic right away. After installation, each of your posts will be indexed automatically into our network (2,000+ sites) […]

How To Link To Current Category In WordPress

I was working on a new Premium WordPress theme today and one of the things I was including was custom link breadcrumb navigation. In order for it to look best you need to have a structure like this: home > category > post title. Below is the code I used in order to get the […]

WP 1-Click Traffic – How To Get Free Traffic From Top Social Media Sites In WordPress Page

Imagine being able to get 100s of visitors to your brand new site quickly, Imagine having the freedom to push one button and drive traffic to your site without having to pay for it ever again and being able to get traffic from ALL OVER THE WORLD, from the Top 3 Social Media sites for […]