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Be yourself! It’s very important that people ‘get to know’ you and form a relationship with you. This is a people business, so remember at the end of every email is a real person reading it. Talk to them like a real person, not like a robot! Pitching sucks! Proper email marketing starts at providing a value message to your recipient. Stop trying to sell sell sell in your emails, provide value first and then recommend something that can add value to your recipient. This is such a power tip, it can mean the difference between massive success in your email promotions and no results at all.Don’t forget that simple works! No one likes to read ‘War & Peace’ when getting an email. So keep your messages short, to the point and of course, value first! Found this cool new program called Click Track Profit that takes you by the hand and introduces¬† you to the world of online business without complicating the process.



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