How To Dominate Your Niche Marketing Industry Within Minutes With ClientFinda

ClientFinda is a cloud-based software uses the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning(ML) to carry out a deep search for quality buyer leads and for any niche you can think of.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and then ClientFinda AI wizard generates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads targeting only those leads with specific requirements and that are most likely to buy your services.

For Instance, you can find out if your potential lead is running ads along with the kind of ad they are running. The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms– Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords, etc.

Based on their brand needs & preferences, you then can reach out to them with ready-to-use ads or an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all. Just imagine pitching to a prospect you already have prior knowledge of the problems their businesses are facing. Closing will be a breeze!

How Does ClientFinda Works?

In 3 dead simple steps you can set-up ClientFinda to work for you.

Step 1: Enter Your Target Audience Filters: Location, Niche, Social Media Presence, Online Reviews etc.

Step 2: View Businesses That Are Most Likely To Buy Your Services. Results powered by AI, NLP & ML… ensuring 99.99% accuracy.

Step 3: Contact the clients that are most likely to buy your services so you don’t waste resources on dead leads.

Who Is ClientFinda For?

Works for the following industries:

  • Real estate and realtors
  • Ecommerce
  • Airbnb Listings
  • Car Sales
  • Travel and recreation
  • Video games
  • Film and music
  • Virtual shopping and retail
  • Education
  • Video Marketing
  • And basically everyone

No matter your audience type. SMM, Content Marketing, Website Builder, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, E-commerce, Traffic,  Agency & MMO, etc. This offer is perfect for you because everybody needs buyer leads.

Your target city is not currently featured on the ClientFinda city search list? Or maybe a new market pops up that you want to explore, but it isn’t on the list just yet?

Not a problem!

As a PRO level user, you get the exclusive rights to request for ANY city to be added to the search list – once you make a request, we’ll swing into action immediately and put resources to work to make it happen.

With this access level, it’s just like being a member of the ClientFinda development team and getting to join in making decisions that’ll help shape ClientFinda to serve your specific business needs. Pick up this upgrade right now, and UNLOCK your access to the ClientFinda city request form instantly!



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