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The people who comment on your Facebook pages and posts are the best leads you have got. They’ve already engaged with you. They’re on the line. What you need to do is reel them in. That is exactly what Comment Maximizer does.

With only a few clicks, you can drive more clicks to your landing pages, squeeze pages, CPA offers, Teespring campaigns, affiliate links, or virtually any other link. The more you engage with your audience, the more sales you get.

Comment Maximizer does the work for you, on autopilot. The features are:

  • Date Range – You can sort through status updates between two dates. This was not possible before, and now, this filtering lets you save more time,
  • Mass Likes – This feature lets you click once, and automatically place dozens of likes, saving you even MORE time than the Date Range feature,Foreign Language Support for Spun Text 
  • Go global with Comment Maximizer – the first software on the market to have this feature, Three-Dimensional Commenting Level .. Lets you bring the same people back to your pages not once, but three times.

Comment Maximizer saves time on a repetitive task, and allows you to make the best use of your audience with the smallest possible effort. You can see all the impressions and comments in one place and quickly reply back to multiple ones from one place with one click of a button.

Good simple interface and a real time saver for any marketer or Facebook manager out there. This is again a fantastic product by Aravindh and his team.





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