Competition Video Business – Discover A New Bus…

Your client runs a competition that brings in 100 first time competitors. You sold him our “Skype Plan”. You would receive $150.00 for that one event. Next month your client brings in 75 “Brand New” competitors, you would make $112.50 on that competition. Here is the best part; your clients can run multiple events, at the same time, in any given month. Run 10 events, in a number of business models, maybe a: fitness contest, fundraiser, martial arts tournament, auction,… you get the idea. In just one month, you can see how this can benefit you, as an affiliate. Plus, If owner sells his business you will still receive commissions as stated above. We conduct Online Competitions and Tournaments between Organizations and Schools that compete in sports minded events. For example, Martial Arts Schools, Organizational Activities, Dance Schools, | Online Marketing Tools

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