Connectivism- is this an informal learning theory or is it a combination of learning theories based on our digital age? The simple fact is that information, unlike in the past, is now available to anyone who has an internet connection.

Because of the explosion of information, learning is not something confined to a certain environment, a certain time, or a certain place. Learning can happen both formally or informally.

For example, if I need to install a new dishwasher, I can go to the appliance store and have them come and install the dishwasher, or I can have it delivered and search different applications for a repair person who can come and install it, or I can watch a YouTube video of someone installing a dishwasher and try it myself.

The availability of information means that I as a learner have a choice as to how much I want to learn and what I then decide I am able to do. How connected I am depends on my own desire to learn. Read more…