Continuity Income Program


Using Edmund Loh’s amazing program ou will Get access to the workshop training and learn how you can build continuity income from your online business.No theories. No fluff. Just the real deal. Loh charged $1,500 per attendee at his workshop, but you pay a lot LESS here. Take over his top quality content so you can rebrand, resell it as your own, and keep 100% of the sales!These are the same materials he has used and taught in his seminars, talks and workshops.Continuity Income Program is a 52-part course on how anyone can build their business and generate continuity income. Originally conceived from the 3-day training I conducted in seminars and workshops, you now get the online version that goes into greater detail.The program was created not only to answer the struggle most newbies have when it comes to building their online business…This is yet another continuity income model where you can grow your income exponentially for work done only ONCE… because you’re getting someone else to WILLINGLY do the marketing FOR YOU..



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