Coping Tools To Help You Quit Smoking For Good MP3 PLR

The InstaCalm quit smoking method is tailor made to fit your life style requirements in personalized private hypnotherapy sessions. It emphasizes defining and modifying your emotional triggers and habit patterns that have made quitting difficult in the past.

During a follow-up session, you will be hypnotically taught new skills for responding to stress and anxiety. Your motivation to remain free of nicotine can be dramatically magnified. You can receive a maximum degree of physical and emotional comfort during the habit cancellation process.

Your program includes self hypnosis, audio MP3 recordings to reinforce your results and insure success.

Some of the topics covered include:

– Choosing a compelling reason why you want to quit.

– The most effective methods for quitting smoking.

– How to know which method will be best for you.

– Natural methods to quit smoking.

– How to deal with cravings.

– A simple tool that you already have that can help greatly!

– And more!


This is typically a 2 session program. If you require more sessions to be successful, they’re included for no-extra-cost. If your smoking is primarily a means to cope with stress and anxiety, you may require a longer, multi-session program to quit.

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