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Covert Context is a super simple to use WordPress plugin and it only takes one click to install! That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.Amazon is HUGE and has products in every niche, for every keyword you can think of. That means you don’t have join scores of half dead affiliate programs in order to create relevant ads for different niches. And you don’t have to worry about your links either. Amazon is big, reliable and isn’t going anywhere – your links will always work, which is paramount for a true set and forget contextual ad system.

Those are the 3 keys to effectively monetizing any blog.

  1. Use contextual ads that are always relevant to your content
  2. Show the ads in-text in your content in a way people will click
  3. Use a trusted affiliate program like Amazon to increase sales and avoid hassle

That’s really all there is to it…But of course there was no software out there capable of achieving all 3 at once.So that’s why we set out to create a WordPress plugin that would and then some. The most effective way to monetize any WordPress blog only contains 3 secret components:

Your average side bar banner ads, pop ups etc. are catch-all in nature. There is no way they can relate to every single piece of content on your blog.Your visitors on the other hand have a very short attention span. If they are reading one of your blog posts, that is what they are interested in right now!And they are only ever going to click on ads that are closely related to what they are reading.That’s why you want to serve your visitors contextual ads that automatically relate to the post they are reading

Contextual ads on their own are not enough, you have to make sure they counter your visitor’s ad blindness too!A good example would be Facebook ads. If you take a look at your own Facebook timeline you will see two kinds of ads.Ads on the sidebar, which you probably ignore 99.99% of the time – and ads in your timeline which you are infinitely more likely to pay attention to.

All things being equal people will always prefer to buy from sites the know, like and trust.Amazon is arguably the most trusted e-commerce site in the world. Most of us have ordered something from them at least once – and even if you haven’t you still know them and likely trust them too.By advertising Amazon products in your contextual ads you will not only increase your click through and sales, but also gain credibility for you blog through brand association with Amazon.

First of all the plugin will always display the top selling Amazon product for any given keyword.It doesn’t matter how often or when that changes on Amazon – Covert Context will always show the best selling products in all your ads.




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