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In order to generate more traffic, one has to create ads that will invite people to click on them that will in turn allow you to gain commissions and even sales. Of course, many have already been able to use those banner ads that have become very common as most website and blogs already have those.Initially, those who have been using these for quite some time think that this is the most effective strategy. At this time though, most of those who visit and view those blogs have the tendency to just ignore those banners because they are now aware that those are just ads. Aside from that, you can also try to make sure that the blog content would appear to have been shared by many people. With this, many could join the trend and start sharing the blog content as well. These two birds can be targeted and hit with just one stone, the Covert Social Buzz.The plugin will allow you to improve the appearance of those social media buttons on your blog so that people could easily notice them.This plugin will also allow you to create a specific number of shares, in order to inform your readers that many have also decided to share the content on various social network sites.


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