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The Covert Social Content plugin is designed to maximize your results & instantly boost your profits to insane levels and all this at a fraction of the normal cost

As it said above you will never see this offer again, so please read this entire page carefully and choose wisely before you leave. lets get down to business – Here’s what you get with your Covert Social Content plugin..

With just a few clicks, this plugin will automatically pull in quality content from RSS Feeds, Google Blog Search & Google News… Adding hands-free posts to your Social Press sites 24/7 – making them just as active as the big social sites!

This is auto-blogging on steroids – and then some!We have designed the plugin to be as easy and fast to use as possible.And since it has been designed to work specifically with the Covert Social Press theme, the posts it produces will always look great on your “Social Press blog”.

First of all Covert Social Content is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the software will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

And because it’s designed to work with your Social Press theme there is no fiddling with templates, css or any techy stuff – it works right out of the box!After you have installed and activated the plug in (only takes a few seconds) you will reach a page, where you set up the main setting for your autoblogging campaign

1. Enter they keywords you want to use for auto-blogging campaign.

You can add as many keywords or phrases as you want! You can even put them in “quotes” for exact match.

2. Select if your new auto blogged posts should be published immediately or saved as drafts for you to edit before posting.

Have the plugin automatically create tags for your post based on the title of the source content.

You can even set an initial random like count for all your auto blogged posts so your site looks 100% real an natural

3. Select which of your current WordPress users should be set as author for your auto blogged posts.

If you select multiple, the plugin will choose a random author for each post and to help you make your social bookmarking site look even more natural and active…

4. We have included a “one click” random author creator, you can use to instantly create as many users as you like for your blog!
Now it’s time to configure one or more of the content modules.

For this example I’m going to use the Google News module – but they are all really simple to set up and you can have them all running within minutes!


You simply select which of your keywords you want to use for this Google News campaign.

Notice that you can select which region you want to use – the plugin supports all Google News regions!

Then you select which of you blog’s categories your autoblogged post from Google News campaign should be posted under.

And voila!

You are now ready to turn auto blogging on – and from now on the Covert Social Content plugin will keep posting to your blog using the settings you have specified.

That was just one Google News feed – for one keyword…You can create as many Google News feeds – for as many keywords as you like!

You could literally be pulling in hundreds of unique posts per hour if you wanted to and you are ready to move on to set up your next profit pulling social bookmarking site… or to configure more of the modules on this blog

This is a complete and ready to go “Business-In-A-Box”. Set up your Social Press site, plug in the Social Content modules and you can potentially jam your bank account with so much cash that your friends will suspect you’ve just robbed a bank. What they don’t know is that you did… but legally.

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