Covert Social Press – How To Transform Your Blog Into A Niche Viral WP Theme


As you know our WP Themes are always popular and they sell like crazy! And if you have promoted any of our themes in the past, you know that people loved theme and lined up around the corner to get their hands on them.

Convert Social press 2.0 will let you run own fully fledge social network and social bookmarking site on WP – just like Digg. There was a huge demand for this from our previous theme customers, so we are 100% certain that the market is there.

It looks like a million bucks right out of the “box”, basically like Digg, but with a ton of one click customization options to make it your own.

Users can sign up for an account so they can bookmark stuff on your site, and vote other stuff up and down… And you of course get the leads added to your list!

It comes with bookmarking applets and social media buttons you can get other people to put on their sites & thus have them build your content for you.

But you can also run one of these sites to great effect without ever getting any users bookmarking anything for you!

It has loads of inbuilt traffic generation features like integration with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

It’s fully monetized with widget ready sidebars, footer, our own “patented” theme ads and some really clever extra ad spaces

It’s sexy and people will want this… period!

But it’s also fully tested concept that actually works like crazy – it’s content curation and link building on steroids and potentially autopilot – and having one of these sites in your blog portfolio will create results!


Straight out of the box – the Covert Social Press theme comes with all the functionality of the big social bookmarking sites like

  • Your visitors can “vote up” the stories on your site
  • They can save posts to their favorites for later reading.
  • They can search your site to find exactly what they need.
  • They can share your posts on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

And this is NOT some fake theme that imitates a real social site…

We stretched WordPress to the limit… and then some!

Coding you a social network theme that allows you to have…


Your visitors can join your social bookmarking site as members – just like on the big networks.

And they will want to… For the exact same reason that they join sites like Digg – free links and eyeballs to their own sites

Don’t let anybody tell you this will not work!

You know as well as I do – that any marketer worth his salt will join a site at the mere whiff of a free backlink!

That means you can have your members submit and bookmark links on your Covert Social Press – populating them with traffic pulling content while you’re sipping a cool drink at the beach!

And that’s not even the best part!

When someone joins your site, Covert Social Press will automatically send them a welcome email – and as you see below you can fully customize that email.


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