CPA Niche Jacker


CPA Niche Jacker will uncover bang for your buck advertising. Too many affiliates are averse to spending money on traffic. But if the traffic is plentiful, and conversions are favorable, the money earned will be a lot more than the money spent.

As icing on the cake, Joey Babbs will also expose how you can develop your own massive, profitable list. While there are successful CPA marketers who just link to the offer directly, Joey is a proponent of using squeeze pages to capture leads yourself. Once you have these leads, you’ll be able to market to your contacts indefinitely, expanding your financial coffers.

CPA Niche Jacker review would be incomplete if I did not highlight one of Joey’s most important strategies, ‘traffic jacking.’ Sure, you can use one of those ubiquitous tools to create a pop-up after someone exits a popular site that showcases your offer.

But media buying may be more than worth the expense. Here, I’m referring to purchasing advertising space on frequently visited websites and networks that are within your niche – where your target audience may be found.

For example, if you’re pitching a hair loss product, why not think of purchasing an ad on a popular hair loss forum that accepts advertising? Here, the hungry crowd is looking for answers. Your ad may very well entice the crowd to investigate your option.

An added plus: These ads may not be as expensive as you think. Perhaps a month of impressions will only cost $50 tp $100. Obviously, advertising space prices vary, also dependent on the website’s ranking and popularity, and the position within the site itself, but there are bargains within your grasp.


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