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Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It can take hours to pick the one that fits your site best. Scouring 100s of websites is not the best use of your time. Thats why we made is EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Our 1-click search finds over 10 million images within seconds. Choose one and get creative in Crazy Kala canvas. Finding an image that fits your sizing needs can be difficult. Inn fact, when you edit an image, it usually distorts. That’s why we added a quick 1-click edit feature that makes it extremely simple for you to get the right size/shape of the image you want. The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every Website owner? The full featured click and drag editor! It allows you to create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images – watch our DEMO and you’ll see how simple and extremely effective this is. Only very few online image editing program provide complex layering systems and that too with high prices. We’ve added LAYERS to Crazy Kala so it allows you to do the most advanced editing to create complex images fast. Crazy Kala is a COMPLETE Image Editing and Design Suite. Instagram has taken social media by storm. Their strongest feature – Image Filters is now in your hands right inside your crazykala account. You can pick from any of the 20+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest with just 1-click. You will have the privilege of using our high-converting, tried-and-tested templates from each category of banners and ads.YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Website Banners, Side Banners etc. You name it! Templates are prebuilt and ready to edit and use in less than 5 minutes. No need to adjust the canvas size to suit a particular banner/ad layout or create different layers to make it presentable. We have done it all for you. Just edit and publish.




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