DataJeo The Most Powerful One Click Market Research Platform

Imagine if you KNEW exactly who your ideal customer was, where they hung out on the web, what sites they visited and how to reach them in the best possible way. Could you imagine what that would be WORTH. Seriously, Put a dollar figure on it…then imagine if you could do exactly that, for any product at any time, EVERY time”

When you know who’s buying your competition’s products, when you know precisely who is searching for those keywords you’re targeting, when you know where they’re hanging out and what else they’re looking for. Then turning traffic into money just got a whole lot easier!

If you were given this information, you wouldn’t have to work out what would make your target customer buy.  You’d KNOW it.That means…

No more hours of endless research, because you’ve been GIVEN all the information you need

  • ​MASSIVE increases in your Click Through Rates, because you know EXACTLY what gets your audience excited
  • Near-perfect targeting: you can see the keywords your audience is searching for.  And when you know what they’re looking for, you know what to give them
  • ​A HUGE increase in sales: the hardest part of selling is finding a product your audience wants to buy.  When You KNOW what they want, you can put it in front of them every time.
  • Eliminate false starts: other marketers can run dozens of ads before they find a successful campaign.  You can home in on that killer ad with the accuracy of an Exocet missile.

The Minute You Start Using DataJeo, Is The Minute You Start Outsmarting Your Competition…DataJeo finds everything you need to develop a winning strategy, DataJeo makes sure you understand your niche better than the NSA understands your phone records.DataJeo helps massively reduce risk in practically every business decision you make.DataJeo gives you the ability to uncover—and use—the insider secrets, sure-fire strategies, and dirty-tricks used by your competition to stay at the top of the industry….

DataJeo will bring you back as much data as you like with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’ll even email you when your results are in so there’s no need to wait about – or even have your browser open. Reveal the best keywords and phrases capable of driving the most traffic to any site, product or funnel, in any niche. And whilst all the data about your customers is out there in the world…

  • Track your data to identify the source of every click, sign up, and webpage visitor.   Get detailed demographic reports that would put the C.I.A out of business.
  • Track competitor pages. Track sales, revenue, profits and ROI (… If they gave out scout badges for tracking software, you’d have them all!)
  • Automatically generate real time behavior updates on leads, customers and clients with a powerful backend CRM.

Source: DataJeo Launch Special Offer

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