Cliff Carrigan’s ‘Descriptomatic’ software is available for purchase right now and you should seriously grab this if you are a serious video marketer because it’s built around smart SEO thinking, combined with step by step reminders to make sure that not only are your video descriptions going to be loved by YouTube and Google but you will be able to create them super fast.

Not many internet marketers know that Google and YouTube regard the page on which your uploaded video sits with as much, if not more, importance than the video itself and this is what Descriptomatic addresses.It enables the user to quickly create a video description that combines all these elements:

The software goes out and finds search term related content to ‘curate’ into your video description and creates a text file for you to paste into your video page , Bullet points of related search terms automatically added, Your ‘money link’ automatically added + your Video/Playlist/Channel links too,

Paste your video script, or any other text, into the software and it will be automatically added to your Description output file. As will your Social Media profiles, all neatly formatted, All perfectly laid out for quick ‘copy and paste’ to your Video Description inside YouTube.





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