Directory Submitter


Direcory Submitter  is a 100% Automated desktop software with which you can submit Unlimited URLs to more than 300+ Web Directories. Use a 100% automated directory software with no tiring manual work and instant results?

Submit ANY web page, article, blog, video, or social profile.This is an amazing app in terms of automation, simplicity, speed, and quality of links.You literally need to enter your name, email, URL, keywords and 300+ submissions will be done instantly.

Directory Submitter is probably the only SEO software available in the industry with this kind of automation. It really is a 1-click directory submitter.Wondering whether your URL was submitted, viewed, approved or rejected? Do not worry as with Directory Submitter, you’ll be receiving confirmation emails within minutes.

This is truly a hands-free automated SEO tool where each and every task is automatically handled and verified. No captchas to deal with, no manual work – and yes, no hidden costs.

You don’t waste your time for entering your link information as Directory Submitter automatically fills in the submission form for you. The program also suggests the right category for your site. If there are many relevant categories in the directory, you can look though all of them and select the best one. Then you just click “Submit” button and go to the next directory.


Let’s recap on what you can do with  Directory Submitter:

  • Stop searching for related directories manually — we have 500+ free directories for you
  • Save hours of time when submitting your website to link directories
  • Get your website rank higher in search engines and increase its popularity — you generate more traffic to your site!
  • Submit an unlimited number of websites
  • Submit the website with varying titles and descriptions — you get your site ranked for different keywords in Google!
  • Automate submission confirmation process — big time saver!
  • Automate captcha resolving — the submission speed increases in times!
  • Check the directories for your site listing — you have a full control under your submissions
  • Export the URLs of the pages where your link is on to a file — you can ping those pages later helping Google index your approved listings
  • Add the URLs of the pages where your site is listed at to Backlinks Indexer — it helps you get thousands links pointed at your URLs valued by Google
  • Export a submission history report for your personal records
  • Sort the directory list alphabetically form A-Z and Z-A by any field
  • Quickly search for any directory in the submitter
  • Add a user comment to any directory in the submitter


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