Discover Real Leads – How To Find Your Ideal Customers & Deliver Your Initial Marketing Approach


By using Discover your able to add all of your new leads to your chosen autoresponder, CRM or webinar platform AND  all of the selling for you, firing off emails automatically whilst you sleep.

You can become a Private Investigator – telling the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can immediately jump in with your product or service and offer them the EXACT solution they need and charge them handsomely for it.

You will actually increase your conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads immediately. If you are in business, whether brick and mortar or purely online, or both, you need Discover.

It finds, automates and organizes information and communication at your fingertips in minutes, and can also be used to create highly targeted custom audiences for Facebook advertising. DISCOVER IS A GAME CHANGER.


You Need Leads. Yes. You do. You know it, and I know it. (but that’s not all). We’ll Give You Leads. Loads of Them. For FREE. Hyper-Targeted. And ON AUTOPILOT. Researching leads manually is a nightmare! (Get ready to increase the prescription on your glasses – this is going to take some serious eye strain!)​

Do they have a website? Do they need an app? Would they benefit from mobile optimization? Do they have a Facebook page? Or a video? Do they already own the product you have to sell them? Do they need an upgrade?​

Research like this takes TIME. Masses of time. For Each and EVERY company that’s out there… The Beauty of Discover is that it is truly a “hand in glove” software for everything you want to do in my business.

Whether you are online or local, you have a tool that can get you leads with a few push of buttons, search the web and social media and integrate those leads with your autoresponder so they can hear your message for RepWarn or anything else that you maybe of service for your clients.



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