Downline Viral Traffic

Downline Viral Traffic was created by surfers who analyzed hundreds of Traffic Exchanges before finding The Formula required to take Full Advantage of Manual Traffic Exchanges. With our custom built Click and Surf System you earn Traffic every time you visit another member’s webpage, Plus you earn credits from your own referral’s surfing as well. Each time they surf to earn credits you will automatically earn credits too. The more members you refer, the more credits and commission you earn… plus you’ll increase your website traffic.With our Affiliate Program you earn Money when members referred by you purchase upgrades or services and our Downline Builder will help you to build downlines in other sites, by using your signup link when a member in your downline wants to join a program.Our Dynamic Surf Ratio, Commission and Traffic Credit Distribution System is UNIQUE and it was designed to give huge benefits to both free and upgraded members. With this system, Downline Viral Traffic encourages you to build a downline and get massive traffic and commissions from your referrals. Every time a member sees a page, 1 traffic credit is split between the member and the upline member(s). This approach allows us to offer you amazing benefits.



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