Easy Cash List Building

At Easy Cash List Building System we combine a pro mailer into a paid only service that guarantees you earn commissions on active referrals.Please note, here you need to allocate 1 click credit to send 1 email and after 4 full days the click credit links expire and you get a full refund on un-clicked email click credits so a click credit is only used for each click.You earn 1 click credit per email link that you click within the 4 full days that the links are active.There are no upgrade levels just this one level paying a cool 50% commission on membership payments and click credit sales.All members are given an initial 500 click credits so any extra you will need to earn by clicking emails or buy buying top up click credits. There are lots of mailers opening their doors each and every day, but most are just the same old thing.However right now you can join a mailer that will not only send your mail to just qualified buyers but will also only charge you a credit when your email is clicked.On top of that its all enclosed in a system that can guarantee that you earn 50% per active referral and you can have full lifetime membership for just $10.Just a quick one to let you know about a great Pro only mailer that lets you market to the spenders.It is housed in a system that guarantees you $5 (50%commissions) on every active referral.



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