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Have you ever sent an email to your list that linked to someone else’s valuable blog post, and felt a little bit disappointed that you’re not profiting from that directly?

Sure, your prospects love you for it.But… you don’t get anything immediate out of it… until now.

All you have to do is set Easy Popup Creator so that when they land on that page,  a popup with YOUR offer in it will appear.

You could easily use this technique to funnel traffic from an unlimited

number of fan pages in that niche… straight to your offer… without upsetting anyone!

That could lead to an AMAZING amount of absolutely free traffic if you do it consistently enough.

Just imagine the number of sales and/or leads you could generate from this technique alone

How would you like it if you could promote your offer on one of those viral traffic machines?

Easy.  Just put the offer you want to popup when the users go to your unique link to that page and when people share your post, you’ll get people clicking on that link and free views on your offer within the amount of time you specify or when they exit!

It’s really that simple.Just imagine turning likes, comments, and shares into sales!

Do you ever post blogs, videos, or articles on your timeline, your fan page, or someone else’s Fan page on Facebook, or even on Twitter?

Sure you do!  But now, you can profit every time you do so, and even create a laser-targeted audience to your site…

For example, let’s say you’re selling a dog training ebook… and then you post a popular video or blogpost about dog training.

Obviously, people who are interested in dog training are much more likely to click on that link… so all you have to do is make it so that when they go to that page, your ebook sales page or squeeze page pops up!

This could bring you unlimited, targeted, 100% free traffic.

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