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When you combine WordPress and videos, you simply fall into abysmal hole. WordPress + Videos is just a nightmare. It turns WordPress back into an expert platform for coding geeks who like to manipulate obscure lines of codes and tweak them just so that they can publish a video. It makes video the medium most bloggers want to avoid because they have no idea how to handle them.Here is what Easy Video Press could do for you in a nutshell: Easy integration with WordPress, Video player with support for practically all video formats,Supports mp3 playback, Supports YouTube playback, Supports New YouTube short URLs, Host videos on your site or Amazon S3, Supports low and high quality video, Full screen support, Show multiple videos on a single page or post or any of the new WordPress taxonomies, Can automatically start playing when the page loads, Overlay the video with an image or flash file throughout the videos (for branding purpose and call to action), Show a cover page before the video plays (for branding and call to action), Option to automatically hide the playback controls,Change the size of your videos,Change video player control’s colors, Hide or show controls,All of the above can be done on a video by video basis.

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