Figure out how to get instagram traffic to your store. eComily is just what the Doctor ordered. In case you don’t know it yet, Instagram traffic is probably the hottest buyer traffic you’ll ever get especially if you’re selling products that target women such as apparels, make ups, baby toys etc.

Combining Instagram+Built-In Mobile store, you will dig around Instagram and Discover Latest / Trending / Hottest Media for the Products You Sell so You Can Replicate Them to Build Profitable Campaigns.

The big secret behind using the Content Lookup feature is that you’ll gain access to what’s already selling on Instagram, you won’t be running a “trial and error campaign”, right off the bat… you can pick products and promote them with medias that will go viral on instagram, get you lots of buyer traffic and sell out your eCommerce products like crazy.

Our Platform will Automatically Pull in your Instagram Media into Your Mobile Store, all you need to do is add your “BUY NOW LINK” and it’s ready to go.


With over 500 million active users and billions of photos uploaded daily, thousands of Instagram users that have posted good stuff about the product you’re selling on Shopify right now and these people showing off how good the product is or how much they love the product are the exact people you need to seal your next sell.

Because these people are 100% real and just 1 click away from your shoppers to see them on Instagram as well, you’ll instantly build trust, increase conversions and make more sales, only problem is that it’s nightmare to look for them yourself.



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