Email Masterclass Training


Inside this video, I show you how to get the highest conversion possible on your squeeze pages and how to structure your first welcome email to ensure your list is engaged to you at the get go.If you don’t do this right, you may have a big list, but they won’t respond to you.Imagine having a mailing list that has a trusting relationship with you, listens to your advice, looks forward to your emails, and engages on what you recommend.This is all possible, when you start the relationship the right way. Imagine being able to know exactly how to write your emails using a proven formula that allows you to build trust, presell your product, then have people buy it on a cycle of automation.Imagine going to the movies and only watching ONE genre forever, eventually you will get bored, hence why we always like different movies.Same goes for your email, and in this video I reveal which FIVE story types to use for the highest response and engagement.



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