Email Spike


Take Advantage of the TWO Highest Converting Marketing Tactics, All Done within the Power of Emails. By allowing you to insert playable video directly into emails (even “fallback videos” on email platforms that don’t allow embedding) along with a countdown timer to create urgency. Email Spike can easily double your conversions by finally allowing you to use marketing’s most trusted, proven conversion tactics on your subscriber lists. Embed Playable Video directly inside your promotional emails, Create Any MP4 Video that you want to embed into your email, Create Animated “Videos” from any YouTube Video to Copy and Paste a Clickable “video” into your emails, Powerpoint Style Videos. Create multiple slides into an animated embeddable and clickable GIF image, looking and acting like a true powerpoint-style VSL.Built-in and hosted Fallback GIF image creator for email clients that do not support MP4 video embed.  Nothing to upload to 3rd party hosting sites and many more.


This is how you can have VIDEOS in your EMAILS


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