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A powerful web based tool that allows your user to creates Timers for Email, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, and Survey For Email.Create Unlimited Timers. Unlimited Video For Email. Unlimited Custom Image Personalization and Unlimited Survey For Emails.

As a bonus,we are including training on how to use each of the apps.We have compiled over 8 years of Email Marketing Expertise with my freshest collection of Email Marketing Secrets to create a powerful crash course. Taking almost 12 months to create, this is our Email Elite Training Masterclass.

These are the techniques Expert Marketers  developed over the years that create irresistible relationships with both clients and customers alike. The Package will allow your users to utilize the Email Tools Suite for their clients Рallowing them to use the tool for email campaigns they manage.

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With over 5 months of development, Email Tools is a 4-in-1 suite that gives you the power to craft the perfect Email by addressing the 4 most crucial aspects of Email Marketing: Engagement, Personalization, Urgency, and Feedback. Here are the four elements of Email Tools: Timers for Email Marketing, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, & Survey For Email.



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