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You know how the old saying goes – you never get a second chance at making a first impression. Getting someone to hand over their email and join your list is certainly a reason to be excited, but what happens next is what separates the players from the bench riders.

Your email marketing efforts are only as good as the level of engagement your audience demonstrates on a consistent basis. Lose their interest? Fail to reinforce the value propositions and benefits of being a member of your list? Miss a chance to connect on a deeper level? Well, you just might be left with an underperforming sales and marketing channel.

An email list isn’t too different from a backyard garden. It’s not a set-it-and-forget type deal, in which you just dump seeds into the ground and wait for your rewards. You need to actively tend it in order to get the best possible outcome.

In addition to using the best soil and regularly watering your plants, you need to actively remove harmful elements like bugs, weeds, and rodents. Likewise, you need to consistently monitor your email list’s health to make sure it has everything it needs to grow in the right ways.

 You will eventually get bad sign-ups; it’s a natural part of having a publically accessible email opt-in form. Some will be spam, some will be robots, and some will be real people who really have no interest in whatever you’re selling.

If you’re lucky, they’ll unsubscribe quickly and save you the hassle. If not, you could get stuck with a bunch of non-responsive emails that do little more than slowly chew away at your open and click rates.

With eMailforce you’ll have access to a growing catalog of high-converting email templates written by world class copywriters for a low monthly price.

Not tech savvy? Don’t worry this online tool is incredibly simple to use. Even a complete beginner can log in, select the perfect emails, customize them and send them out.

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